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Brian Wilson

Art Lessons and Lesson Plans for K-12 and College - 0 views

    This website has step by step directions on how to create your own art lesson plans and lesson plans that can be used.
Brian Wilson

Featured Disciplines - Lesson Plans - BLICK art materials - 0 views

    This site has several lesson plans for art educators who teach k-12 and have lesson plans for several different mediums.
Gladys Baya

Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers - 2 views

    Looots of links to lesson plans and activities (using online resources and not) for language lessons. Languages taught include: English, French, Spanish , German, Japanese, Latin, and many others.
Awe Molko

IPad Video Lessons - 0 views

    iPad Pete wants to be the guy that shows you everything your iPad can do. He has created these iPad Video Lessons for iPad owners that aren't content with just doing "the basics" with their new toy. iPad Pete will teach you everything you need to become a
Brian Wilson

Lesson Plans Links - Curriculum Materials Library - Grand Valley State University - 0 views

    This website has many different lesson plans and other links for art educators.
Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Pronuncian - 0 views

    American English Pronunciation--Pronuncian offers free access to hundreds of pronunciation lessons and thousands of American English sounds. ■Exercises and even more playable audio files ■Video lessons ■TrueVoice recording and feedback system ■Structured online classes ■Personalized study recommendations ■Expanded tests, quizzes, and progress tracking ■Third-party ads are removed from all pages
izz aty

Learning Page :: Professionally produced lesson plans, books, worksheets, and much more! - 1 views

    LearningPage offers resources that you can incorporate into your lesson plans. Through our monthly resource calendar, you can download free materials from the family of Learning A-Z sites, all tied to important and interesting dates on the calendar.
David Wetzel

6 Tips and Tricks for Using Interactive White Boards - 15 views

    Interactive whiteboards (IWB) allow science and math teachers to teach multi-sensory lessons, seamlessly jumping from one type of media to another. Interactive science or math lessons can easily integrate text, sound, video, and graphics based on the tactile nature of the IWB.
izz aty

Free Lesson Plans and Educational Resources for Teachers | Verizon - 0 views

    Explore hundreds of standards-based lesson plans developed by our Content Partners - the leading education organizations in the country.
marina alfonso

Mighty Education Systems: teacher, student and classroom resources - 0 views

    Tools for Educators offers free worksheet generators, printables makers and a host of programs for teachers to make resources for lessons, lesson plans and printable materials for classes.
Jose Antonio da Silva | Search Results | - 24 views

    Search lesson plans from A to Z
Courses Web

JavaScript jQuery Course - Free lessons - 0 views

    JavaScript and jQuery course, with free lessons, code snippets, scripts and tutorials.
    JavaScript and jQuery course.
Paul Beaufait

MultiBrief: Effectively incorporating technology with English learners - 2 views

  • Perhaps the first consideration is the instructional purpose of the lesson, and how the technology will enhance that purpose or help students to achieve the goals and objectives of the lesson.
  • Technology, as mentioned earlier, has the power to increase student knowledge and skills in various content areas. Yet another consideration that must be taken into account when working with English learners is how the technology is increasing academic language knowledge and skills. It is critical, then, that teachers take into account not only the content goals and objectives for the lesson, but also the language goals and objectives as well as the linguistic demand of the tasks students will need to accomplish in the classroom.
  • English learners need additional instructional supports or scaffolds, including providing students with necessary background knowledge that other students may possess, using graphic organizers, pictures/visuals, demonstrations and realia, and providing redundant information and differentiated instruction based on students' language proficiency level. When researching various technology tools, it is critical that we investigate how the tool addresses these principles.
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  • The use of technology in the classroom is quickly becoming not only commonplace, but also essential for helping students gain the 21st-century skills they will need to be successful in the future.
  • when implementing technology in the classroom, an important component of instruction is to teach students how to use technology effectively and responsibly. Students may need guidance and instruction on how to use technology appropriately given the task and learning at hand, how to avoid distractions with technology, and how to effectively navigate the digital world.
    In this article, Herrmann explains principles to guide the adoption and utilisation of technology to help meet general and specific needs of English-as-an-additional language learners.

FREE Lessons - Video tutorial on ecommerce Magento 2013 - 0 views

I created a FREE course on Magento 2013 from scratch, how building an Ecommerce website without code, step by step. I explain how to open an online store to sell computer hardware products. You lea...

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Brian Wilson

Lesson Plans | - 0 views

    This website has very simple art projects that could be used for younger children.
Mark Luci

Collina Italiana - 0 views

    Collina Italiana (CI) offers Italian language and culture programs for both on and off site. Lovers of Italian language and culture soon discover that CI classes offer a unique opportunity for a comprehensive learning experience without leaving the city. We offers year-round group and private lessons, tutoring services, specialty classes for adults and children's programming and so on.
Brian Wilson

Art Lesson Plans - 0 views

    This website is filled with different links to many different websites that are useful for lesson plans and curriculum resources.
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