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Kathleen N

PHPmotion :: free video sharing script - free youtube clone - - 0 views

    PHPmotion Media Sharing CMS - PHPmotion is a free video sharing software that also has support for other types of media such as audio/mp3 sharing. The Content Managent System or (media cms application) will allow you to create and run your very own Video Sharing website, Music Sharing Site, Picture Sharing Site. With very little knowledge required you can now have a website just like ,, veoh, hi5 and best of all, its 100% free to download and use.

Buy Soundcloud Premium Accounts - Real, Bulk & Verified - 0 views

    Buy Soundcloud Premium Accounts Introduction The use of social media has swept the globe. Globally, there are already over 3 billion active social media users, and that figure is rising. With 175 million active members, Soundcloud is one of the most widely used social networking sites. A excellent place for bands and aspiring musicians to share their music is Soundcloud. It is also a fantastic method to meet other music fans. You can interact with more people and market your music more effectively by purchasing Soundcloud accounts. What are Soundcloud Accounts? Users of the social networking site Soundcloud can upload, record, and share audio tracks. In that users may follow other users, "like," and comment on music, as well as share tracks with other users, it functions similarly to other social media sites. In contrast to other social media sites, Soundcloud focuses exclusively on sharing and streaming audio tracks. Buy SoundCloud Premium Accounts Accounts on Soundcloud can be easily and for free created. A password and an email address are all you need. You can start following other users, listening to music, and sharing your own tracks once you've registered an account. Also, you may make playlists, which are collections of songs you can play at any moment. What are the features of Soundcloud Account? User advantages of Soundcloud accounts are numerous. The fact that users can upload an endless amount of music is perhaps the most significant. This is perfect for musicians who want to spread their music without worrying about storage restrictions. Also, Soundcloud accounts give users access to resources for sharing and promoting their tunes. Users can embed tracks on their websites or blogs, for instance, or post tunes directly to their social media profiles. What are the benefits of buying Soundcloud Accounts? There are several advantages to purchasing Soundcloud accounts that you can profit from. You will be able to increase the number of individual
Carla Arena

How do you envision using the Webslides feature? - 124 views

Dear Berta, I have the same feeling...I wish I had known about Diigo and Webslides before I had taught the Listening Plus online course, but it's never too late, and I'll surely see how it can be ...

diigo goodpractices learningwithcomputers practices webslides

Paul Beaufait

Screen Sharing in Google Hangouts - YouTube - 7 views

    BestBloggingTips shows and tells how to start screen-sharing in a Google+ Hangout. She warns that everyone present can see your Gmail address, if you share Google stuff directly, and notes that sharing screens in Hangouts are small.
Gladys Baya

Bridges  |  BridgeURL - 12 views

    "Want an easy way to share a bunch of URLs? Simply list down all the URLs you want to share in the box below (one link per line, including http://) and we will create a single link to share." Reviewed by Amit Agwaral at Digital Inspiration.
    What a cool tool! Could be a very easy way to create a screencast...
susana canelo

How could you incorporate Diigo into your classroom/session setting in a pegagogically... - 238 views

Hi Nelba: Yes, they can see it, without having a Diigo account. That's why it's so easy !! No complications. If you click on the central arrow you can open the webslide. The problem appears if you...

best practices edudiigo learningwithcomputers lwc pedagogy


Buy Mixcloud Accounts - Best Social Service Provider - 0 views

    Buy Mixcloud Accounts Introduction Buy Mixcloud Accounts at cheap rates from us and use your accounts for personal or professional purposes. Why buy mixcloud followers from bestserviceit? Will mixcloud users have access to your personal information? You can also share music with friends and family members. We offer hundred percent real Mixcloud accounts for sale. Why are mixcloud reposts so important? You will get good quality account from us Buy Mixcloud Accounts at cheap rates from us and use your accounts for personal or professional purposes. Buy Mixcloud Accounts at cheap rates from us and use your accounts for personal or professional purposes. You can also share music with friends and family members. We offer hundred percent real Mixcloud accounts for sale. Why buy mixcloud followers from bestserviceit? We are the best company to buy mixcloud followers. Our service is guaranteed and we offer the best prices for our followers. We also offer a good customer support and will deliver your order within 24 hours, so you don't have to wait long for your order! Will mixcloud users have access to your personal information? Mixcloud accounts are owned by users themselves, and you can use them for personal or professional purposes. You may want to buy one of our mixcloud accounts if you're looking for a way to get more exposure for your music or podcast, but we also offer low prices on all of our services so that anyone can afford them. Buy Mixcloud Accounts Mixcloud Accounts You can also share music with friends and family members. You can share music with your audience, which might be a group of people who listen to the same type of music as you do. If you have a lot of followers on Mixcloud, this is an easy way to let them know what new songs you have in store for them! You can also share music with fans: people who love your work but don't necessarily follow it on Mixcloud (or any other social media platform). By giving these folks some freebies, they'
Shane Col

Upload and Share PowerPoint and PDF files as Online Presentations, with Social Networki... - 9 views

  • is a free service where you can upload PowerPoint (.PPT) and PDF presentations using a drag and drop feature to be shared online or embedded into blogs or websites. You can also import your presentations from services like Dropbox, Skydrive, etc. Uploaded presentations can also be played in your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets without compromising the quality.

Nine Notable Uses for Social Bookmarking - 0 views

    • IN PI
      "Therefore, if you can attach an URL to a document, then you could use social bookmarking to organize any kind of document. This change of thinking can provide almost limitless opportunities for information management."
    • IN PI
      Nine uses - A use Information for yourself 1. Create a calendar of upcoming events 2. use bookmarks as a people data base 3. Maintain an on-line folder of research materials and reference sites 4. Create a file indexing system - images, video, audio - for items that are on line: organize them and also graphics and written documents: any kind of file on the Web can be classified and stored. 5. Determine the popularity or a website or a link: if certain bookmarks are being saved by many users, it may be an indication that the material is worth while. B - Share information with other people 6. Create a public on-line portfolio: you can use bookmarks to create a tagged index of your on-line creative work. These groupings of your content may be shared with others in social bookmarking sites. 7. use bookmarks to make new contacts: discover the profile IDs or those who created the bookmarks: you may contact a person that bookmarks a lot of sites that you are looking for too. 8. Become an expert in giving opinions about specific websites. 9. Bookmarks may organize documents by multiple criteria within a single application; but you may use several different bookmarking applications: 9.1. Delicious - large number of users - great sharing. 9.2. Magnoia - with social features making it easier to share ideas. 9.3. Netvouz - powerful search and tagging
    first Web2.0 Wednesday Using social bookmarking to share and organize information; to manage an on-line portfolio
mbarek Akaddar

7 easy Screen-Sharing and Remote-Access Tools (All Free) - 16 views

    7 easy Screen-Sharing and Remote-Access Tools (All Free)
anamaria menezes

Head to Head: Document Sharing Sites - 0 views

    document sharing sites
USA Yelp  Accounts

Buy Google Map Reviews-(Google 5 Stars Cheap) - 0 views

    Buy Google Map Reviews In today's digital age, Google Maps has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. It not only helps customers navigate and locate physical stores or establishments, but also serves as a platform for potential customers to gauge the quality and credibility of businesses. One way businesses can enhance their online presence and reputation on Google Maps is by purchasing reviews. While some might argue that buying reviews is unethical, others view it as a legitimate marketing strategy to boost their visibility and attract more customers. In this article, we will explore the concept of buying Google Map reviews, delve into its pros and cons, and discuss whether it should be considered as a viable option for businesses looking to thrive in the digital landscape. What are Google Map Reviews? A crucial component of the well-known navigational tool, Google Map evaluations let users express their ideas, insights, and opinions about a range of establishments and destinations. When someone is looking for advice, information, and insights before visiting a place, these reviews are a priceless resource. Google Map reviews give users a platform to score their experiences and write helpful remarks that can assist others make decisions, whether they're looking for a new restaurant to try, a hotel to book, or even a local destination to explore. Every Google Map review includes a written summary of the user's experience along with a star rating out of five, where five is the highest. Anyone utilizing Google Maps can read these reviews, making it an open and democratic forum for feedback sharing. In many cases, real-world instances and first-hand accounts from other travelers and clients are more dependable and credible than conventional commercials or official company websites. Google Map reviews ensure that consumers may make well-informed judgments based on trustworthy peer opinions and help users feel more connected to one another. The
Holly Dilatush

How should we use the tagging system to b... | Diigo - 1 views

    • Joao Alves
      It's very to do if you use the Diigo toolbar. Just selelct the text you want to highlight and then click on the arrow beside the "Comment" button on the Diigo toolbar. There choose "Add a floating sticky note to this page." Then you'll get a pop-up window where you can choose to make your note private (only you can see it) or public or share it with a specific group. I am sharing this sticky note with the Learningwithcomputers group.
    • jennifer verschoor
      Thanks for sharing this!!! This is wonderful and we can continue discussing tags, categories or lists with the floating sticky notes. Jennifer
    • Carla Arena
      Isn't it nice, Jen, this feature? Can you envision pedagogical uses of it in the classroom?
    • Sasa Sirk
      These sticky notes are cool. :-) Thanks for sharing this.
    • Joao Alves
      Yes, these floating sticky notes are really cool. Maybe we could encourage students to use them to make comments on texts they read on the Net. Who knows they would enjoy this way of reading and writing. Well, it's just a thought, maybe a too optimistic one.
    • Carla Arena
      We are all optimistic, aren't we, João? Maybe if we started not expecting that the students would write the sticky notes, but, at least, read ours, they could be encouraged to go further. For example, we could have them read a text and use the sticky notes for comprehension, reflection. What do you think?
    • Joao Alves
      Hi Carla, I like your idea of letting students read our sticky notes first. That would certainly be a good start. We wouldn't ask them to do anything in the beginning except looking at and reading our sticky notes. Maybe they (at least some of them) might also want to try using the sticky notes the same way. And we teachers mustn't show a too great enthusiasm for it, just behave the normal way or even show a kind of uninterested interest. :-) That's a lesson I learned. :-)
    • Carla Arena
      Exactly, Joao. That's the way I tend to do it, casually! I guess that if we just give the students a link with our annotation, like asking questions, then some of them would be. at least, curious to learn how we did that!
    • Joao Alves
      Exactly. Let's try that. It seems we are excellent educators. :-)
  • tag things with as many keywords as possible
  • tag things so they are easier for others to find
  • ...29 more annotations...
  • choose any or all of the recommended tags for your bookmarks.
  • you could simply use quotation marks for "lesson plan"
  • there are no better tags than others.
  • we should agree on a special tag for the group like "LWC" that we would always add to every bookmark we tagged.
  • Organizing tags in topics or bundles
  • CamelCase is my favorite for MultiWordTags
  • plural forms for countable nouns.
  • Take, for instance, collaborat, a tag I tend to favor in to capture the essence of collaborate, collaboration, collaborative, and collaborators
  • awareness-raising,
  • are means of raising awareness
  • wondering if there're any shortcut suggestions to 'attacking' the project of revisiting and tagging them?
  • I've been tagging many things both ESOL and ESL (because I don't know if diigo would automatically search for both. Is there a way to find out ?
  • we're moving from just collecting resources to a more engaged collective way of making the best out of the resources we share with the group.
  • the power of folksonomies is exactly having everybody tagging as much as possible, with as much key-words as you can think of. We won't ever be able to create a true "system"
  • agging for personal use x tagging for public good
  • Tagging will always be ambiguous because our very personal ways of classifying things and making them useful for us. Even so, with folksonomies, we're able to see the latest trends in a determined group or about a certain topic, we can go to places never imagined before.
  • e-learning
  • e-teaching, e-learning, networking, workshop, web
  • "prof. development"
  • difference between tags and categories
  • web2.0, wiki, professional_development, technology, edtech
  • e-learninge-learninge-teachingedtechnetworkingprof. developmentprofessional_developmenttechnologyweb2.0web2.0wikiworkshop
  • ProDev
  • web2.0, wikis, education, learning, teaching, ProDev, k-12
  • networking
  • I tend to use underscores and plurals, as well as one word tags, like professionaldevelopment, though I agree with Paul that ProfDev would make sense
  • I need to be more consistent.
  • The] "Lists" [function] provides another great way to organize bookmarks, a way that is complementary to tagging
    • Ilse Mönch
      Hi, yes I agree "Lists" are a great way to organize bookmarks. I already made a list for my "teaching resources" items as a try and now I'm going to experiment with the webslides. The only thing is that I imported my bookmarks from delicious and it's hard work to organize them all :-)
    So, how could we organize our tagging system after this week's discussion? Give some practical hints here. I'll start with: - try to keep a single word tag - add as many tags as you can think of - think of individual uses of the tags you're using, as well as the collective needs of easy retrieval of resources - tag, tag, tag - pay attention to mispelled words - use the groups' recommended tags in addition to the ones you've already used -
    Week 2 Discussion in the LearningwithComputers group about ways to improve our collective tagging experience.
Gladys Baya - 9 views

    Chat with anyone you want just by sharing a four-digit code. User friendly and reliable, gives participants the options to get the chat log emailed. Allows file sharing during the session as well
    Try this!
mbarek Akaddar

Top 10 Fantastic Ways To Share Music On Twitter - 7 views

    Top 10 Fantastic Ways To Share Music On Twitter
mbarek Akaddar

Top 20 Photo Sharing sites | - 12 views

    20 Amazing Websites To Share Your Photos Online
Buthaina Al-Othman

Making the Shift Happen | always learning - 0 views

    If all of these schools are facing similar issues, why isn't there a common process or framework to work through them? Why aren't we more actively sharing (and I don't mean the individuals contributing here on the blogosphere, where sharing is the name of the game), I mean the schools themselves.

Share More! Wiki » Anthology/Diigo the Web for Education - From TeleGatherer ... - 0 views

    Hi, Susana. Let's share some resource to use diigo in an educational context to show the group. Let us tag as edudiigolwc as a unique tag to aggregate everything and see how it goes!
IDa Sol

Helicopter Rides Dubai - With Marhaba Global Tourism - 0 views

    Sharing Basis: 12 min Iconic Tour; AED 646 Per person 17 min Palm Tour; AED 855 Per person 22 min Vision Tour; AED 1,170 Per person 30 min Grand Tour; AED 1,607 Per person * All sharing basis prices are based on: (with a capacity of 5 passengers) Private Basis: 12 min Iconic Tour: AED 2,595 Per flight (max 5 pax) 17 min Palm Tour: AED 3,800 Per flight (max 5 pax) 22 min Vision Tour: AED 5,075 Per flight (max 5 pax) 30 mins Grand Tour: AED 6,484 Per flight (max 5 pax) 40 min Odyssey Tour: AED 8,925 Per flight (max 5 pax)

Buy Skype Account - 100% Real & low price - 0 views

    Buy Skype Account Introduction Skype Account Purchase VoIP service Skype users can make voice and video calls over the internet. It also provides instant messaging tools. Microsoft-owned Skype is one of the most popular VoIP services available. There are two ways to buy Skype accounts. The first choice is to purchase Skype credit, which works for both landlines and mobile phones. The second choice is to subscribe to Skype for Business, a monthly service that allows users to make an unlimited number of calls to both landlines and mobile devices. What exactly is Skype? A piece of software called Skype enables users to conduct voice and video calls over the internet. On a computer, smartphone, or tablet, Skype can be utilized. Free to download and simple to use, Skype. On a computer, smartphone, or tablet, Skype can be utilized. Free to download and simple to use, Skype. Buy Skype Account You can contact landlines and mobile phones using Skype, as well as call other Skype users. Calls made using Skype include high-quality audio and cost less than traditional phone calls. Skype can be used to share data and images, as well as to speak with loved ones. You need a Skype account in order to use Skype. A free Skype account can be made. Visit and select "Create an account" to register for a Skype account. Your name, email address, and a Skype login and password must be provided. Skype is a fantastic tool for keeping in touch with friends and family all across the world. You may phone, chat, and share files and pictures with Skype. Create a Skype account right now because it is free and simple to use! What are Skype's advantages? You need a reliable technique to communicate with your far-flung friends and family when you want to keep in touch with them. One of the better possibilities is Skype, which offers a variety of advantages. Buy Skype Account First of all, using Skype is pretty simple. You can start using the program right away if you have a stron
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