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susana canelo

How could you incorporate Diigo into your classroom/session setting in a pegagogically... - 238 views

Hi Nelba: Yes, they can see it, without having a Diigo account. That's why it's so easy !! No complications. If you click on the central arrow you can open the webslide. The problem appears if you...

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Carla Arena

How do you envision using the Webslides feature? - 124 views

Dear Berta, I have the same feeling...I wish I had known about Diigo and Webslides before I had taught the Listening Plus online course, but it's never too late, and I'll surely see how it can be ...

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Jabbar Hussain

Home Business Ideas - 0 views

    Here you will find lot of business ideas 2022 to earn lot of money at the comfort of home in Pakistan or abroad. For almost every profession, you can get a business idea, plan, model, template, idea. So you can now earn lot of money while working from home or business place. Some business required license, which other required proposal and bit of experience. Even you can earn money online or trade from home.
Maryanne Burgos

Introduction to Creative Thinking - 0 views

    • Maryanne Burgos
      This is the viewpoint of the authors of Disrupting Class who believe that "innovation does not take root through a direct attach on the existing system.  Instead it must go around and underneath the system.  This is how disruption drives affordability, accessibility, capability and responsiveness." (p. 225)
  • Reapplication.
  • general purpose spray cleaners can be used to kill ants.
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  • Changing Direction
  • the goal is to solve the problem, not to implement a particular solution.
  • Motivation--a willingness to expend the effort--is more important than laboratory apparatus. And remember that you can always do something. Even if you cannot totally eradicate the problem from the face of the earth, you can always do something to make the situation better.
  • Mistakes aren't fun, but they sure are educational.
  • Positive Attitudes for Creativity
  • Curiosity. Creative people want to know things--all kinds of things-- just to know them. Knowledge does not require a reason. The question, "Why do you want to know that?" seems strange to the creative person, who is likely to respond, "Because I don't know the answer." Knowledge is enjoyable and often useful in strange and unexpected ways
  • halleng
  • Challenge. Curious people like to identify and challenge the assumptions behind ideas, proposals, problems, beliefs, and statements. Many assumptions, of course, turn out to be quite necessary and solid, but many others have been assumed unnecessarily, and in breaking out of those assumptions often comes a new idea, a new path, a new solution.
  • Constructive discontent. This is not a whining, griping kind of discontent, but the ability to see a need for improvement and to propose a method of making that improvement. Constructive discontent is a positive, enthusiastic discontent, reflecting the thought, "Hey, I know a way to make that better."
  • 4. A belief that most problems can be solved.
  • 5. The ability to suspend judgment and criticism.
  • Remember then that (1) an idea may begin to look good only after it becomes a bit more familiar or is seen in a slightly different context or clothing or circumstance
  • 6. Seeing the good in the bad. Creative thinkers, when faced with poor solutions, don't cast them away. Instead, they ask, "What's good about it?" because there may be something useful even in the worst ideas. And however little that good may be, it might be turned to good effect or made greater.
  • 7. Problems lead to improvements.
  • 8. A problem can also be a solution
  • 9. Problems are interesting and emotionally acceptable.
  • Miscellaneous Good Attitudes
  • 1. Perseverance.
  • 2. A flexible imagination
  • 3. A belief that mistakes are welcome. Modern society has for some reason conceived the idea that the only unforgivable thing is to fail or make a mistake. Actually failure is an opportunity; mistakes show that something is being done. So creative people have come to realize and accept emotionally that making mistakes is no negative biggie. One chief executive of a big American corporation warns all his newly hired managers, "Make sure you make a reasonable number of mistakes." Mistakes are educational and can lead to success--because they mean you are doing something.
  • Robert Harris Version Date: July 1, 1998
    • Maryanne Burgos
      Biographical info on Robert A. Harris
robert smith

CNA Training Programs - 0 views

    CNA Certification Training Classes provides useful information about CNA Training. It Also Gives Idea about CNA Salary, and Job Information
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    CNA Certification Training Classes provides useful information about CNA Training. It Also Gives Idea about CNA Salary, and Job Information
    CNA Certification Training Classes provides useful information about CNA Training. It Also Gives Idea about CNA Salary, and Job Information
    CNA Certification Training Classes provides useful information about CNA Training. It Also Gives Idea about CNA Salary, and Job Information
andrew bendelow

Millennials: Social Media and the Idea Web | Social Media Today - 1 views

  • It's about ethics. If I have information, it is my job to give it to someone who needs it, and I expect the same from my friends. This is the Idea web – it's a web of information and we are all tied together.”
    a new social media ethic emerging with the millenial generation--my obligation is to share my information--niceties be damned
Joao Alves

How do you envision using the Webslides f... | Diigo - 0 views

  • let´s imagine I wanted to my students to explore some listening sites, like I have done before, the webslides would have been much more interesting than the list of links I provided them.
    • Joao Alves
      Webslides are a cool feature of Diigo. Thinking if there is another handy use we could use with the students.
    • Joao Alves
      This link is not working. Maybe it's a momentary problem.
    • Joao Alves
      It was a momentary problem. Now I can open the page.
  • As we had started testing Diigo, I decided to start my portfolio here just by deciding on a unique tag, digifolio_carlaarena. Then, I created a list called "digifolio" and started adding the pages that represented my work, projects, thoughts, ideas, collections.
    • Joao Alves
      What a brilliant idea. Since Portuguese teaching are going to be subjected to a very detailed evaluation process that includes a personal portfolio, this might be a good idea.
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    • Joao Alves
      Looks great. What a an astonishing learning path. Congratulations!
Holly Dilatush

Learning technology teacher development blog for ELT: Video conferencing for EFL - 0 views

  • You could get in touch with someone for your class to interview. Just have one computer plus camera set up in class, and a visiting expert, friend or colleague on the other end for your students to interview. They could also interview an expert in groups
    • Holly Dilatush
      check these great ideas out!
    some great ideas for class projects!!!
andrew bendelow

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Global Education Challenge - Idea Display - 3 views

  • our educational system practices have a tendency to foster dependence, passivity and a "tell me what to do" attitude. Effective learning is that students are in charge of their own learning and progress.  A growing body of research indicates that when students are working on goals they themselves have set, they are more motivated and efficient, and they achieve more than they do when working on goals that have been set by the teacher.  
    H Mifflin - Globl Ed Chllge - Dorit' Eilon's goal-setting program = perfect for individ, networked learning #edtech
Paul Beaufait

Inksights » 10 ways to use Wordles in the Classroom - 1 views

    ideas primarily for English literary contexts, but which may be useful in other teaching endeavors
    Thanks to Isabelle Jones (Resources for Languages group) for pointing this out
Zaid Mark

Problems with an App in Windows 8 - What to Do? - 0 views

    Microsoft has done its best to make Windows 8 better than previous versions. However, problems arise in the apps on Windows 8. You might find yourself in a situation where you have no idea what to do in case an app creates problems. A number of ways can be helpful.
Zaid Mark

How to Install Windows8 without Dumping Windows 7 - 0 views

    Windows8 is capturing the large portion of market. However, most of the users still want to have Windows7 version on their systems. In start experts stated, that it is not good ideas to have another operating system along with Windows8. However, it is possible to have Windows8 and Windows7 on a same machine. In addition, it works great and you will have two booting options. Follow the procedure to install Windows8 without ignoring the Windows7.
creative outdoors

Superb Creative Outdoor Ideas - 1 views

I have always wanted to build a patio to enjoy a lazy afternoon whilst looking out to my garden or where I can enjoy a cup of coffee during weekends as well as an area to receive and entertain gues...

started by creative outdoors on 31 Oct 12 no follow-up yet

Get ex girl/boy friend back - 0 views

    how to get ex girl/ boy friend back will assist you by the various tricks & ideas to getting back your love on in your life with the same passion and love of
Muslim Academy

The History of Islam - A Complete Overview (Chapter # 1) - 0 views

    Before going to look at the history of Islam, it would be a good idea to first have a quick look upon the pre Islamic era and particularly the condition of Arab world before the arrival of Islam. Before the advent of Islam in Arab, the ignorance was very common in Arab. There was no concept of education in Arab, people use to bury their daughters alive, and idol worship was common, people of Arab used to worship more than 365 idols. Vulgarism and drinking habits were their common attributes. So, now you can well imagine the whole condition of Arabs before the advent of Islam. But just after the advent of Islam, the Arabs experience socio, political economic revolution. First let us have look upon the immediate consequences after the advent of Islam in Arab world, these immediate consequences started showing during the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). Islam gave the system of Adal (justice) due to which the level of crime significantly reduced. Before Islam it was common to observe killing, adultery, rape and theft and other such issues. Due to the justice system of Islam all such crimes rapidly reduced. Similarly, Islam gave respect and honor to women who were humiliated and suppressed before the arrival of Islam. Islam made it compulsory for every Muslim to get educated. During the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the centers of Islam were the holy cities of Madina and Makkah. However, after the prophet Islam started to spread outside the Arabia as well. We can divide the post prophet (peace be upon him) era into three categories that are the era of 4 caliphs of Islam namely Abu Bakar (R.A), Umar (R.A), Usman ( R.A) as well as Ali (R.A), the era of Umayyad and Abbasid dynasty and the era afterwards. Each era has a number of distinctive features that we would discuss latter. Here it is worthwhile to mention that the eras of Abu Bakar (R.A), Umar (R.A), Usman (R.A) and Ali (R.A) were purely based upon the principles of Khilafah and all
Paul Beaufait

Tech Niche - 8 views

    Antoinette Spiegel's "curating niche to catalogue and share neat tech ideas, tips, techniques and favorite tech resources for teachers" (Home, para. 1, 2012.09.08).
Paul Beaufait

Ed Tech News | - 6 views

    "'The latest trends and ideas for the classroom' curated by Carla Arena" (! deck, 2012.03.07)
samson venilla

Travel Agent Kashmir - 0 views

    Kashmir is a land where myriad holiday ideas take shape. In winter, when snow carpets the mountains, skiing, tobogganing, sled-riding are popular sports. In spring and summer, the honey-dewed orchards, rippling lakes and blue skies beckon every soul to sample the many delights the mountains and valleys have to offer. Golf at 3,000 meters above the sea, water-skiing, sailing and angling for prized rainbow trout or simply drift into dreams down the willow fringed alleys of lakes in gorgeous houseboats. The possibilities are endless.
Pure Money Making

Business strategies definition - 0 views

    If you have no idea where to start, or you're pulling your hair out with all of the dead ends, then you're on the right way. You are actually coming up with your own research ....
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