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ibrahim tanrikulu

What makes a good game? - 1 views

    Computer games are the most common tools to keep us "flowed". So, What makes a good computer game?
    As I was reading about call of duty and flow, I again recognised that there is a distinct difference among genders ;)
    My father has been playing bridge online. He is one of the late adopters to technology, yet, he plays bridge for hours and hours without realising what is happening around himself. He has played bridge online for 6000 hours since 2007. I just asked him "why are you playing", he said, "because I have fun" and "because it is challenging" and "I get points". Well, he just covered the flow theory and games :)

Jean Lave, Etienne Wenger and communities of practice - 1 views

    Here is a website telling about communities of practice, situated learning and legitimate peripheral participation. You can check for an overview about situated learning.
    "Many of the ways we have of talking about learning and education are based on the assumption that learning is something that individuals do". This is a really nice article that outlines the theory and its applications and some issues related to situated learning theory are pointed out.
Hatice Çilsalar

theories of learning - 2 views

    A sum of the theories of learning topic..
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