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started by mskaraca on 06 Nov 14
  • mskaraca
    While reading about motivation, something has come to my mind. I want to share it with you..

    We will design a course named as dream course. The students will try to attain their dreams throughout the course. They will specify their goals, draw a roadmap and criteria for successful attainment. Dream can be anything.

    How that sounds ?

    My aim is to inspire students to find their internal voice (or passion) and give courage to attain it.
  • deryasahin
    That kind of course would surely be effective on both finding their internal voice and triggering the creativity. It seems that as adults mostly we are trying to make them dream what we want instead of letting them to find their own passions. This kind of idea can be just possible in case that we teach to students to take initiative for their own learning and thinking process. specifying their own goals , drawing roadmap and criteria requires that. Of course that needs a change in the way how we understand the role of teacher; as a guidance, a facilitator or an authority...
    This is an inspirational idea, thanks Selçuk. As a teacher I saved this idea to my mind to use;)
  • E.Yasin Çiftçi
    Actually, there is a conceptual and theoretical approach to this excellent idea. "Possible Selves" theory developed by Markus and Nurius has some key understanding of the issues related to goal-oriented self, present self and other dynamics affecting our progress towards our deserved or feared future. I guess I'll talk more about this during our discussion, and you can also check this theory out by yourself.
  • Emel Güneş
    Selçuk I think this is a wonderful idea:) Dream is everything and helps student to set their own goals and expectations from lesson even from life :)

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