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Emrah Baki Basoglu

Seymour Papert and Stephen Krashen - 10 views

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started by Emrah Baki Basoglu on 12 Oct 14
  • Emrah Baki Basoglu
    Hi all! Let me introduce two researchers who have made important contributions to learning sciences. The first name is Seymour Papert, who established connections with Piaget's developmental psychology to the current trends in educational technology. He is known by his studies in three fields; child development, artificial intelligence and computational technologies for education. Papert proposed a theory on learning called constructionism, which is built upon the work of Piaget's Constructivism. While working under Piaget, he was influenced by his idea that children make sense of their world as active participants interacting with the world. With this idea in mind, he developed the Logo programming language, which had the idea that children should be programming the computer rather than being programmed by it. In spite of his 50 year dedication and contribution to science, he hasn't been acknowledged by the science world and unfortunately he has been in a rehabilitation treating program for about 8 years because of a motorcycle accident. I really like his idea proposing that many children have trouble in their learning just because they have a model of learning in which you have either got it or got it wrong. But rather than asking whether it is right or wrong, the question that should be asked is if the problem is fixable. And I am impressed by his foresight about the computer technology. Even two decades before the computers entered our houses, Papert was one of the pioneers claiming that computers can be used to give a better education to the children. If you want to get to know more about him, you can click on this link ( and watch a 1-hour video about his contributions to learning.

    The second person is one of the foremost ELT researchers in the 20th century, Stephen Krashen. I am pretty sure that almost all the language teachers and students are familiar with this name. I have added a very short but remarkable video of Krashen, which is about comprehensible input ( His hypothesis have made it possible for scientists to come up with one of the most popular approaches of today, the communicative approach. According to Krashen, there are two independent systems of second language process, which are acquisition and learning. Acquisition is a subconscious process, similar to a baby acquiring his first language and it is a natural communication. But learning is the product of formal instruction and it is a conscious process of, for example, a student learning grammatical rules. And another well-known hypothesis of Krashen, Monitoring, explains the relationship between acquisition and learning and the effect of acquisition on learning. Anyway, what you are going to watch in the video summarizes all his hypothesis in just one sentence; language acquisition requires meaningful interaction in the target language, which enables the speaker convey and understand the messages.

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