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Özlem Duran Ataalp

2 important people in the field of learning sciences - 5 views

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started by Özlem Duran Ataalp on 12 Oct 14
  • Özlem Duran Ataalp
    Hi everyone!!! I'd like to share information about Jean Piaget and Janet L. Kolodner, whom I find quite important in the field of learning sciences. Everyone who studied teaching should be quite familiar with Piaget. He was mainly interested in the constructivist theory. Especially what I am interested about him is his theory on developmental process. Although many people believed that children had less knowledge than adults, Piaget argued that children had different knowledge structures than those of adults, which was more important. If Piaget hadn't claimed the developmental stages, teaching children could be impossible. You can find more information at

    The second important person to me, though she is not as famous as Piaget, is Janet L. Kolodner. I find her important in that field for two reasons. The first one is that she is the founding editor of The Journal of the Learning Sciences, which is the first journal specific to this field published in 1991. This journal took its place in upper ranks of the Educational Research section of the Social Sciences Citation Index impact factor rankings. The second one is that she pioneered the computer reasoning method called case-based reasoning, which is a way of solving problems based on analogies to past experiences, and her lab emphasized case-based reasoning for situations of real-world complexity. Kolodner's classic work in this area, Case-based Learning (1993), has been cited thousands of times by researchers. You can find more information at and .

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