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Contents contributed and discussions participated by sibeldogan


Explanation of TPACK - 3 views

shared by sibeldogan on 29 Dec 15 - No Cached
    This video explains what TPACK is shortly.

KlassData:Learning Analytics for Education - 1 views

shared by sibeldogan on 13 Nov 15 - No Cached
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    KlassData is a kind of Learning analytic tool. This video exlplains why LA is needed and how it can be beneficial for educational settings shortly.

Situated Learning Legitimate Peripheral Participation - Jean Lave & Etienne Wenger - 1 views

SituatedLearning theory learning
started by sibeldogan on 07 Nov 15 no follow-up yet
  • sibeldogan
    This book is about how people learn in communities and there are specific population examples namely Midwives, Tailors, Butchers, Quartermasters and Nondrinking Alcoholics that Lave and Wenger observed and examined.
    I did not find this book as online but I have PDF. If you want to examine this book I can share it via e-mail.

The Situated Learning Theory - 0 views

    The video is generally about what is situated learning theory, how it is occurred, what is the Community of Practice and its structural elements. In the video, it is explained that Lave and Wenger observed different populations that learning takes place in social situations with other people thus the situated learning theory was born.

Engaging students through activities and expertise - 2 views

    In the video, students are learning and getting expertise concepts by engaging different activities. Through activities students make some research about the topic and teachers help them to get deeper knowledge about topic by asking questions. In the activities, the source of knowledge not only teachers but also students themselves. I mean, students also learn from each other. Moreover, teachers' role is guiding and helping students when they stuck on something.
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