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Rukiye Ayan

Two Important Researchers in the Field of Learning Science - 6 views

started by Rukiye Ayan on 13 Oct 14
  • Rukiye Ayan
    David Paul Ausubel (1918-2008) was an American psychologist and cognitive learning theoriest who had a significant contribution to the areas of educational psychology, cognitive science, and science education learning. He considered learning as an active process in which the learner tries to make sense of new knowledge by the help of his previous knowledge. He based his work on Piaget's conceptual schemes and meaningful learning. Through his belief of meaningful learning, Ausubel developed his theory of advance organizers. He defined advanced organizer as a presentation by an instructor that helps the learner organize new knowledge. He stressed that the organizer should include the relationships among the basic concepts together with the required previous knowledge.
    He has many publications in psychiatry and psychology; yet his major publications related to education and learning is his books named "School learning; An introduction to educational psychology (1969)" and " Learning Theory and Classroom Practice (1967)"

    Joseph Donald Novak is an American educator, and Professor Emeritus at the Cornell University, and Senior Research Scientist at the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition.
    His research areas include human learning, educational studies, and knowledge acquisition and representation. Starting from 1970, he, with his colleagues at Cornell University, proposed the technique of concept mapping, which is an essential component in constructivism, for improving students' science knowledge. He also conducted studies related to students' ideas on learning and epistemology, and methods of applying educational ideas and tools (such as concept mapping) in corporate settings and distance learning programs.
    In his book, Learning How to Learn, Novak states that "meaningful learning involves the assimilation of new concepts and propositions into existing cognitive structures."
    He has written (both as author and coauthor) 27 books and 130 book chapters and papers in professional books and journals.
    You can also get access to some of his studies vial following link:

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