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dr tech

Chinese schools are testing AI that grades papers almost as well as teachers | VentureBeat - 0 views

    "It is also self-improving. The 10-year-old grading software leverages deep learning algorithms to "compare notes" with human teachers' scores, suggestions, and comments. An engineer involved in the project compared its capabilities to those of AlphaGo, the record-breaking AI Go player developed by Google subsidiary DeepMind."
dr tech

Pearson is Now Spying on Students During Standardized Testing ⋆ Ink, Bits, & ... - 0 views

    "Luckily for the kid, it was only a single tweet. Had several students gotten together to form a study group, they might have been prosecuted for felony interference with a business model and gotten the death penalty.

    Do you suppose Pearson has hidden microphones set up around the schools so they can also listen in and see if students discuss the tests during lunch? I ask because that is basically the offline version of the student's infraction."
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