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5 Real World Problems That Are Straight Out Of Black Mirror - 0 views

    "Thanks to a map that shows the jogging habits of the 27 million people who use Fitbits and the like, we can see splotches of activity in otherwise dark areas, like Iraq and Syria. Some of those splotches are known American military sites full of exercising soldiers, and some, by extrapolation, are sites that the military would rather keep unknown. One journalist saw a lot of exercise activity on a Somalian beach that was suspected to be home to a CIA base. Someone else spotted a suspected missile site in Yemen, and a web of bases in Afghanistan were also revealed."
dr tech

US military aims to create cyborgs by connecting humans to computers | Technology | The... - 0 views

    "The US government is researching technology that it hopes will turn soldiers into cyborgs, allowing them to connect directly to computers.

    The US military's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has unveiled a research programme called Neural Engineering System Design (NESD) which aims to develop an implantable neural interface, connecting humans directly to computers."
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