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Luke Mondello

Facebook privacy and kids: Don't post photos of your kids online. - Slate Magazine - 0 views

    A fascinating approach to internet privacy for children. In addition to a "no post" policy for content related to their daughter, these parents have created a "digital trust" of pre-registered accounts and domain names for her to access when she's mature enough.
Susan Smiley

Death On Facebook Now Common As 'Dead Profiles' Create Vast Virtual Cemetery - 0 views

    How the web is changing the lives of people after they die. This is not depressing! I actually think it's quite interesting, and certainly now a part of "life after death." A friend of mine with over 2000 FB friends passed away last summer and I still see his page ranked highly on mine almost daily. Admittedly, it's odd, but it's also a nice reminder of him.
Harvey Shaw

Iceland's crowdsourced constitution passes national referendum - 0 views

    Last year, Iceland began updating the national constitution. Rather than start writing the document immediately, they solicited comments and text from citizens via Facebook and Twitter. They received over 3500 comments - from a country of 230,000 voters. Yesterday, a national referendum approved the final draft, which now goes to Parliament for final approval. Now THAT'S affecting change with social media.
Andrea Bush

100 Ways to Use Facebook in the Classroom - 0 views

    Pretty self-explanatory title...
    The article highlights ways to use Facebook in the Classroom.
Drew Nelson

Information For Parents and Educators - 1 views

    Answers for:
    How does privacy work for minors?
    How do I report a child under the age of 13?
    How can I help my teen use Facebook wisely?
    What should I do if my teen is being attacked by someone on Facebook?
    How can my teen report abuse?
Adrian Melia

Facebook In The Classroom. Seriously. | Emerging Education Technology - 2 views

    An interesting article on examples of using Facebook in the classroom
Jason Dillon

Anthropology of Youtube - 1 views

    Following up on Chris's comment about how social media is allowing students to create a society. Have a look. The work of this graduate class in anthropology is fascinating.
Deidre Witan

Magellan's Voyage around the World - 0 views

    A history class created Facebook Timelines for Magellan's voyage, fashion 1950-present, and 20th century inventions.
Janet Dykstra

Parallels and reversals in chaco, hubble, and facebook - 0 views

    Paper suggests that "the "revolution" of social media merely parallels other cultural reversals, all of which seek to return humans to the center of the universe." Interesting social perspective...
Roshanak Razavi

Make your own story - 1 views

    Make your own story by filtering massive information available through existing social networking platforms.
Rupangi Sharma

How To Create Social Media Guidelines for Your School - 1 views

    Produced in collaboration with Facebook, this article shares resources and reflections on how social media can be brought into the classroom.
Amanda Bowen

Is Microsoft's the Start of Something Bigger? - Digital Education - Education Week - 1 views

    oh no, not another one social networking site? but is this one different?
Amanda Bowen

Rules to Limit How Teachers and Students Interact Online - - 0 views

    How does this relate to Oneville's research?
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