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Hans De Keulenaer

Lewis Pugh - First swim across the North Pole - YouTube - 0 views

    Inspiring 1 km swim across the geographical North Pole, in order to alert us that there are actually 1 km swimming stretches there already in 2007
Hans De Keulenaer

Semi | Tesla - 1 views

    Range: 480 or 800 km
    Efficiency: <1,25 kWh/km (i.e. 400 kWh or 650 kWh battery that implies 1 MW charging point)
    TCO parity: 2 years
Hans De Keulenaer

Qpinch | Industrial energy and emission saving - 0 views

  • The Qpinch Heat Transformer recovers residual heat from 40 °C / 104 °F and up. It is applicable on a megawatt scale throughout all major industries that use industrial heat, including food and feed, oil & chemicals, paper and pulp, cement and manufacturing.
    A solution using pinch technology claiming a coefficient of performance of 30 (units of heat per unit of electricity consumed).
Hans De Keulenaer

Trends and Innovations in copper demand - 3 views

  • The International Copper Association (ICA) is the leading authority on the fundamentals of future copper demand and substitution. ICA’s portfolio of material demand and substitution work covers global studies, surveys and detailed data sets. Full studies and data sets are used by ICA and its members for market development purposes, and select information is available to market commentators.
Phil Slade

24housing » Your News » New Time Lapse Video: 49 Heating Upgrades in 2 Minutes! - 3 views

    Busy day at the bungalow park
Phil Slade - 1 views

    Great idea but appears somewhat dormant. It is hard to keep a volunteer group like this going. I speak from personal experience.
Pannir selvam - 1 views

    Raw materials and utilities cost
    Biodiesel is the product obtained when a vegetable oil or an
    animal fat reacts chemically with an alcohol to produce fatty acid
    alkyl esters. A catalyst such as sodium or potassium hydroxide is
    required. Glycerol is produced as a co-product (Van Gerpen et al.,
    2004). The most common stoichiometries description of the reaction
    1000 kg of oil þ 110 kg of methanol/1000 kg of biodiesel
    þ 110 kg of glycerol
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