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Phil Slade

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Phil Slade

Revibe Energy - 0 views

shared by Phil Slade on 20 Jun 16 - No Cached
Pannir selvam

Biosistema intgrado Banana - 0 views

shared by Pannir selvam on 18 May 16 - No Cached
Pannir selvam

]lineraised model error - 1 views

dye colour model

started by Pannir selvam on 21 Feb 16 no follow-up yet
Pannir selvam - 0 views

    modeling adosrption insight foo
Hans De Keulenaer

Smithsonian Magazine | Science & Nature | The Coldest Place in the Universe - 2 views

  • Where's the coldest spot in the universe? Not on the moon, where the temperature plunges to a mere minus 378 Fahrenheit. Not even in deepest outer space, which has an estimated background temperature of about minus 455°F. As far as scientists can tell, the lowest temperatures ever attained were recently observed right here on earth.
    Even on the moon, superconductors would need to be cooled.
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