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Hans De Keulenaer

The Infrastucture Report - 10 views

It took me 4 years to respond, but that should not stop me. Energy touches on many aspects of society. We have for example the energy-water nexus which received a lot of attention over the past yea...

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Phil Slade - 4 views

    "Electro Magnates is a cutting edge carbon-reducing sustainability project at the intersection of computer science, social media and behaviour change. The project's deliverables are to design, implement, and evaluate a suite of social software applications - including games - to encourage positive behaviour changes in energy consumption. The project will specifically design software interventions to be used by employees and students in educational and public sector work-places and environments in the county of Lincolnshire in the UK."
Phil Slade

Shipping Efficiency - 1 views

    " is a free-access, beta data-hub designed for ship owners, operators, charterers, ports, insurance companies, shipbrokers and other stakeholders, to factor in vessel efficiency information when making business decisions"
    Good catch Phil, and nice efficiency.
Phil Slade - 0 views

    "WeSave is a web based tool for helping you to work out your carbon footprint, and to find ways of reducing it."
Phil Slade

CarbonCulture launches at seven Whitehall Departments - More Associates - 1 views

    "CarbonCulture is a new initiative started by More Associates for organisations that want to get really good at saving energy and carbon. Structured as a social enterprise, CarbonCulture exists to help all its members find the best 'moves' they can make to save energy and carbon.

    CarbonCulture will spread that knowledge amongst the membership so we can all get better at saving as quickly and as cheaply as possible. We've been working for some time with pioneers DECC and Defra to design strategies to achieve initial savings."
Phil Slade

CALM, Carbon Accounting for Land Managers - 1 views

shared by Phil Slade on 15 Jul 10 - Cached
    "Understanding the carbon balance of a business is a vital first step towards thinking about management decisions that may have some mitigating effect on climate change by reducing GHG emissions.

    The calculator has been updated with the latest UK National Inventory Report (1990-2006) data published in April 2009. This may change the output from previously entered data.

    Working through the steps below will help you calculate your carbon balance and understand the results.
    Step 1 - Get your data together. You will need physical data for crops, stock and energy use.
    Step 2 - Log-in (on menu bar) to enter your farm details or if you have previously used the calculator select a farm profile that has already been created by clicking on it.
    Step 3 - Create a calculation for the farm selected. If you have already created calculations for the farm selected you may also modify, copy or use any of these, also by clicking on the description.
    Step 4 - Enter data in the input screen. For more guidance visit the Help page.
    Step 5 - When finished obtain your CALM report by clicking "Report" at the top of the screen and choosing the output format you require.
    Step 6 - Use the mitigation advisory notes, available from the reports section, to assess ways you can improve your carbon balance."
Hans De Keulenaer

Washing Carbon Out of the Air: Scientific American - 1 views

    • Machines with filters made from sorbent materials can bind carbon dioxide, extracting it from the air.
    • With mass production,machines might capture CO2 at $30 a ton, less than the $100 or more charged for commercial CO2 supply.
    • With improved sorbents, 10 million machines across the planet could reduce CO2 concentration by five parts per million a year, more than the rate of global increase right now.
cuprummoscow NCC

Press Releases May 2010 - Recycling of "Specialty Metals" Key to Boom... - 0 views

    UN looks into metals recycling, copper in particular
Hans De Keulenaer

Fossil-Fuel Subsidies | Global Subsidies Initiative - 1 views

  • Most governments provide some kind of financial assistance to boost energy supply or reduce prices for certain energy consumers. Fossil fuels have been widely subsidized for decades. The exact scale of these subsidies is not known because a comprehensive study has never been undertaken. What is clear is that fossil-fuel subsidies can drain government budgets and increase greenhouse gas emissions.

    In recognition of these unwanted impacts, the leaders of the Group of Twenty (G-20) countries agreed in September 2009 to phase-out inefficient fossil-fuel subsidies in the medium term.

    The Global Subsidies Initiative is well aware of the complex issues surrounding fossil-fuel subsidies and their reform. That is why last year, in anticipation of the current calls for such reform, it commenced an ambitious program to identify, measure, and analyze the effects of fossil-fuel subsidies.

    Key findings from the first five in-depth reports, which together make up the series Untold Billions: Fossil-fuel subsidies, their impacts and the path to reform, are summarized above. Below, each of the individual reports can be freely downloaded. Support for one of the papers, Gaining traction: the importance of transparency in accelerating the reform of fossil-fuel subsidies, was generously provided by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Hans De Keulenaer

International electricity partnership - 0 views

  • Based on the joint Roadmap for a Low-Carbon Power Sector by 2050 presented in December 2009 in Copenhagen, an industry goal of developing national or regional emission reduction trajectories towards a low-carbon future has been set. These trajectories will rely on a common measure of carbon emission intensity. In that respect, supportive, transparent and stable governmental policies are necessary for long-term planning by the industry and to encourage the significant investments needed.
    Five chapters have been identified for the Industry to work together with governments:
blanca duarte

Habitat Heroes - 1 views

    Fun educational site for educators, parents and students - Games center around sustainability, energy conservation and the environment.
Hans De Keulenaer

PricewaterhouseCoopers Media Centre - 1 views

  • The study prepared by the European and international climate experts at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, the European Climate Forum, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the International Institute for Applied System Analysis, examines the potential for powering Europe and North Africa with renewable electricity exclusively by 2050 and the opportunities this transformation to the power sector presents.  The study provides policy makers and business leaders with clear direction and a step wise approach on how to achieve the 2050 vision.
Hans De Keulenaer

European Climate Foundation - Roadmap 2050 - 1 views

  • The Roadmap 2050 project sets out the crucial role of a zero-carbon power sector to Europe’s long-term climate commitments and shows different pathways that can make this a reality delivering economic and energy security goals. The Roadmap is based on extensive technical, economic and policy analyses conducted by five leading consultancies: Imperial College London, KEMA, McKinsey & Company, Oxford Economics, and the Office of Metropolitan Architecture, in addition to the involvement of utilities, transmission operators and NGOs.
Hans De Keulenaer

Cap and trade: Right debate, wrong solution | Cleantech Group - 0 views

  • But ultimately cap and trade is the wrong solution; superior means exist to achieve the results we need not only for the environment but also for national security and our economy. A better solution is a strategically targeted “ceiling” tax on carbon combined with a tax dividend.
Hans De Keulenaer

Economic Insights from Modeling Analyses of H.R. 2454 - the American Clean Energy and S... - 0 views

  • Economic models are an important tool for evaluating the potential impact of proposed legislation on our economy. This brief compares modeling analyses of the House-passed clean energy and climate bill (H.R. 2454) conducted by seven different groups including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and an academic institution
Hans De Keulenaer

Pan-African News Wire: China Plans Industrial System of Low-Carbon Emissions - 0 views

    "BEIJING--CHINA will build an "industrial system" and "consumption pattern" with low carbon emissions, Premier Wen Jiabao said in the government work report delivered at the parliament's annual session yesterday.

    The country will work hard to develop low-carbon technologies as well as new and renewable energy resources to actively respond to climate change, Wen said at the session of the National People's Congress, adding that the development of smart power grids should be intensified.
Hans De Keulenaer

COGEN Europe » Leading scientists propose smarter low carbon future - 0 views

  • A report launched today highlights critical challenges in the current ‘all-electric’ approach to decarbonisation of the UK energy system as this would increase our dependence on the electricity system to unprecedented levels. A system that makes greater use of cogeneration and district heating can however mitigate many of the more demanding aspects of the ‘all-electric’ approach. Used in combination with biomass and CCS technology for fossil fuels, cogeneration and district heating infrastructure have a key role to play up to 2050 and beyond. Find the full report  and the press release here.
frank smith

HowStuffWorks "How Stirling Engines Work" - 1 views

    "Displacer-type Stirling Engine

    Instead of having two pistons, a displacer-type engine has one piston and a displacer. The displacer serves to control when the gas chamber is heated and when it is cooled. This type of Stirling engine is sometimes used in classroom demonstrations. You can even buy a kit to build one yourself!"
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