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Hans De Keulenaer

A few things you can do in Diigo - 248 views

Just used the 'invite to a group' feature for the first time. You can go to some of your diigo friends, and invite them to this group ;-}. It works like a charm.

Energy Net

Tagging & annotation - 159 views

Hans De Keulenaer wrote: > "energy news" is quite OK. Feel free to use it. Thanks for checking first. Thanks and also for starting up the forums. You might want to see the forums with a quick l...

Arabica Robusta

Biofuels and Food Security should be a very important aspect of this group - 154 views

I agree that biofuel is a dead end, and in fact is perhaps worse than the disease. I will cross-post some recent articles I have found on biofuels and the scramble for African land (and land elsew...

renewables food bioenergy

Hans De Keulenaer

Superconductor market set for explosive growth? - 136 views

I just bookmarked, which appears to be one of the better information sources on superconductivity (though I've not gone in depth). At least, it gives a balanced view, avoids ext...


started by Hans De Keulenaer on 23 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
Hans De Keulenaer

Activating the forum - 128 views

Dear Group users: I've activated the forum, which allows posting in 7 categories: - renewable energy - energy efficiency, including conservation - clean carbon: cogeneration, carbon sequestration,...

started by Hans De Keulenaer on 10 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
Hans De Keulenaer

a bit of discipline on tagging - 120 views

As I'm cleaning up tags, a few points in addition: - avoid meaningless tags. E.g. energy, as this is an energy group. Or green - what does that mean? - tags in plural please. We've started ...

Energy Net

Cross Post of stories - 79 views

Hi Hans: Thanks for the reply. Sadly, the Diigo folks have blocked enhanced crossposting to multiple groups, which means its kind of a hassle for me to double post articles. I'm already posting m...

Hans De Keulenaer

spam on the group - 75 views

I'll check member requests more carefully. New members need to either submit an expression of interest, or demonstrate an interest in energy issues through their account profile. We'll endeavour ...

Hans De Keulenaer

happy new year, best wishes and this group in 2009 - 56 views

Dear Colleagues: Happy new year to you all. We're now running since 18 months (75 weeks), and have accumulated over 2000 bookmarks and 80 members. That about 30 new bookmarks per week. For the co...

started by Hans De Keulenaer on 03 Jan 09 no follow-up yet
Phil Slade

Enphase Energy - Enlighten | Residential System - 7 views

    "@davidroodman David Roodman My solar panels just completed their first megawatt-hour!"
fishead ...*∞º˙

Take a look: transparent solar panels | DVICE - 4 views

  • Sphelar solar cells, from the Kyosemi Corporation, debuted at the PV Expo 2010 in Tokyo. They are solidified drops of silicon, 1.8mm across, that are embedded into glass of any shape. Potentially, the technology could be integrated into a decorative dome on top of a building, glass bricks, or just an ordinary office or home window. Because they're round drops, they'll pick up the sunlight at all times of day.
Jeff Johnson

EarthTalk: Do city 'congestion taxes' really help the environment? | - 2 views

    Despite increasing green awareness and steadily rising gasoline prices, Americans and other denizens of the developed world - not to mention millions of new Chinese and Indian drivers hitting the road every week - are loath to give up the freedom and privacy of their personal automobiles. But snarled traffic, longer commute times, and rising pollution levels have given city transportation planners new ammunition in their efforts to encourage the use of clean, energy-efficient public transit. One of the newest tools in their arsenal is so-called congestion pricing (also called variable toll pricing), whereby cars and trucks are hit with higher tolls if they access central urban areas at traditionally congested times.
fishead ...*∞º˙

Google to Start a Green Utility? : CleanTechnica - 1 views

  • Now, there is speculation that Google wants to enter the utility market and help spread renewable energy more quickly. On December 16, Google created a subsidiary called Google Energy. No, it’s not about the energy you get every time you see one of their great new holiday graphics or find out about another great Google feature. This is about clean, renewable energy for powering our homes, businesses, computers, etc
Phil Slade

energyshare home | energyshare - something truly amazing is happening in renewable energy. - 9 views

    "Energy affects everyone's lives, and pockets, and the way we think about energy here in the UK is changing fast. Up and down the country there are already hundreds of people getting together and setting up renewable energy projects. They're proving that there really is an alternative way to do things. But at the same time only 2% of people are on green tariff's."

Another oil shock? - McKinsey Quarterly - Energy, Resources, Materials - Oil & Gas - 5 views

  • It’s possible, though far from certain, that oil prices will spike in the years ahead. Here’s why—and how you can prepare
Peter Fleming

Sweden Rolls Out New High-Speed Green Train on Old Tracks :: PNN Planet2025 News Network - 0 views

  • new ECO4 energy saving technologies have been installed, including a new permanent magnet motor that delivers increased propulsion chain efficiency and a "driver assistance system."
    • Peter Fleming
      This may be useful, but the emissions for trains are already low per passenger. It is just icing. We need to be investing in carbon capture and make all stations ready for the tech when it arrives.
Infogreen Global

Researchers discover a way to simultaneously desalinate water, produce hydrog... - 4 views

    A recent study by Logan group at Penn State University also demonstrated similar findings in that the energy contained in hydrogen gas not only can offset the energy used for the desalination process but has surplus that can be used for downstream processing.
  • ...1 more comment...
    Great catch. But if it sounds too good to be true ... Probably the technology will be horribly expensive.
    Several years ago even the mobile phones were very expensive, not to mention computers and airplane flights.
    The example of mobile phones is of little relevance here, because cost reduction is driven by the scaling laws of microelectronics. However, the reducing cost of flights - in a way the ultimate energy application - offer a good benchmark. What will happen to flights though if commodity and energy prices go up in the long run?
Phil Slade - 4 views

    "Electro Magnates is a cutting edge carbon-reducing sustainability project at the intersection of computer science, social media and behaviour change. The project's deliverables are to design, implement, and evaluate a suite of social software applications - including games - to encourage positive behaviour changes in energy consumption. The project will specifically design software interventions to be used by employees and students in educational and public sector work-places and environments in the county of Lincolnshire in the UK."
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