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c newsom

Welcome to the William Blake Archive - 0 views

    Extensive, outstanding and comprehensive resource for William Blake's work. Indexed and highly searchable.
Brendan Murphy

Technology Integration for Elementary Schools | Edutopia - 2 views

  • Digital and video cameras:
    • Brendan Murphy
      Phones and voice recorders on the phones for older students.
  • Maintain the same rigor as in pen-and-paper
  • rubric up fron
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • Connect
  • let them do it.
  • Curate
  • clear purpose
  • real audience
    • Brendan Murphy
      Hashtag #comment4kids Get parents involvement Older students
  • valuable tools are theirs
    • Brendan Murphy
    "Put the tools in kids' hands. * Interactive whiteboards: They don't call 'em interactive for nothing. When these large-display screens that connect to a computer and a projector arrived at Forest Lake, Williams gave teachers six months to wean themselves from their interaction-less overhead projectors. Students can touch the interactive boards to solve math problems, play games, or write and edit text. When one student is running the board, Williams suggests keeping others engaged using remote clickers, personal dry-erase slates, or manipulatives. (Download this idea guide for interactive whiteboards.) "
Michael Walker

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski - 3 views

    What if William Shakespeare wrote The Big Lebowski?
David Hilton

Welcome to the William Blake Archive - 5 views

    The Andrew Blake (1757-1827) Archive in North Carlolina, USA, is "not a physical repository of Blake's collected works, nor is it a clearinghouse through which users can obtain reproductions of those works. [...]" It is "an online hypermedia environment that allows its users to access high-quality electronic reproductions of a growing portion of Blake's work.
    Useful for literature or modern history classes.
c newsom

UbuWeb - 0 views

    A tremendous source for early and contemporary film, sound and written word. The focus is on avant-garde work from several different generations. You can find films by Yoko Ono, audio by William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg as well as the entire contents of each issue of Aspen Magazine here.
Vicki Davis

At the Teacher's Desk: Is Your Classroom Flipped? Yes and No - 22 views

    As William Chamberlain and I dm's on Twitter, I asked if he was "flipped" and he penned this answer on his blog. It is insightful in that many teachers incorporate elements of delivering instruction via blog or feed without having kids with net access at home.
Vicki Davis

Mr. C's Class Blog: Tuesday's Lesson Plan - 2 views

    I love William Chamberlain's lesson plan from this past Tuesday. I enjoy how he defines criticism and sets guidelines. He is flipping the classroom by recording instruction. I really love Mr. C! @wmchamberlain on Twitter.
Julie Shy

Tips for Trainers - 11 views

    This section is full of great ideas to help YOU become a better facilitator. The articles here are written and shared by the staff at Training Wheels. Some of the articles are written by Michelle Cummings, the Big Wheel and Founder of Training Wheels, and some are written by Linda Williams, the Spare Tire and Lead Facilitator at Training Wheels.
Tony Richards

The Atlantic Online | January/February 2010 | What Makes a Great Teacher? | Amanda Ripley - 12 views

    "What Makes a Great Teacher? Image credit: Veronika Lukasova Also in our Special Report: National: "How America Can Rise Again" Is the nation in terminal decline? Not necessarily. But securing the future will require fixing a system that has become a joke. Video: "One Nation, On Edge" James Fallows talks to Atlantic editor James Bennet about a uniquely American tradition-cycles of despair followed by triumphant rebirths. Interactive Graphic: "The State of the Union Is ..." ... thrifty, overextended, admired, twitchy, filthy, and clean: the nation in numbers. By Rachael Brown Chart: "The Happiness Index" Times were tough in 2009. But according to a cool Facebook app, people were happier. By Justin Miller On August 25, 2008, two little boys walked into public elementary schools in Southeast Washington, D.C. Both boys were African American fifth-graders. The previous spring, both had tested below grade level in math. One walked into Kimball Elementary School and climbed the stairs to Mr. William Taylor's math classroom, a tidy, powder-blue space in which neither the clocks nor most of the electrical outlets worked. The other walked into a very similar classroom a mile away at Plummer Elementary School. In both schools, more than 80 percent of the children received free or reduced-price lunches. At night, all the children went home to the same urban ecosystem, a zip code in which almost a quarter of the families lived below the poverty line and a police district in which somebody was murdered every week or so. Video: Four teachers in Four different classrooms demonstrate methods that work (Courtesy of Teach for America's video archive, available in February at At the end of the school year, both little boys took the same standardized test given at all D.C. public schools-not a perfect test of their learning, to be sure, but a relatively objective one (and, it's worth noting, not a very hard one). After a year in Mr. Taylo
Martin Burrett

The Value of Argument by @History__Girls - 0 views

    "Debating societies may seem to be the preserve of Oxbridge and private schools, but there is a place for debating in classrooms everywhere, argues Gemma Jones Debating societies may seem to be the preserve of Oxbridge and private schools, but there is a place for debating in classrooms everywhere. From 'Why William Won the Battle of Hastings' to 'causes of the First World War', history is a natural subject to use debates to deepen knowledge in lessons. However, across the curriculum there is scope to engage the pupils in a structured debate to challenge misconceptions, structure arguments and encourage independent study. Additionally, participating in debates can develop confidence and public speaking skills."

Evan Williams on listening to Twitter users | Video on - 0 views

    If you use Twitter, watch this TED video
    Listen to how some folks are using Twitter, making it the HUGE phenomenon it is today.
Catherine Clark

Saint William Teachers Reflect on Their Learning - 1 views

    sws teachers reflect on learning
Kelly Faulkner

Faulkner at Virginia - 4 views

    recordings from his lectures while writer in residence. so valuable!
Vicki Davis

Ceri Williams (cerirWilliams) on Twitter - 1 views

    Ceri is from the UK and is going to live demo a program he's written for Kinect (that he plans to give away for free) that emulates the program Soundbeam. This program lets you move parts of your body and plays music and is going to be an incredible thing to use for special ed students with the Kinect. This is his twitter handle. Follow him to Keep up with what he's doing.
Vicki Davis

Fakebook - William of Normandy - 10 views

    I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I looked at this Fakebook - I love the video and you could really have students do their own videos and embed. This is awesome.
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