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Jackie Gerstein

Interactive Lectures - 13 views

    An interactive lecture is an easy way for instructors to intellectually engage and involve students as active participants in a lecture-based class of any size. Interactive lectures are classes in which the instructor breaks the lecture at least once per class to have students participate in an activity that lets them work directly with the material.
Vicki Davis

Professor tries improving lectures by removing them from class | Inside Higher Ed - 7 views

    This case study in Inside Higher Ed about Professor Mike Garver (Central Michigan University - Marketing) shows how this professor is giving lectures by no longer giving lectures. Interestingly, he talks about how Bloom's Taxonomy impacted his change in style. This article ALSO includes a video and I totally applaud the journal of higher ed for including a video. There are so many articles talking about a "great teacher" doing this or "great professor" doing that - SHOW ME. This article did just that. Applause to Inside higher ed and Steve Kolowich - give us more articles like this. If you're in higher ed or a teacher in high school - this is a great read. "It's a good way to, in his words, 'Put a movie in your mind,'
Kelly Faulkner

Faulkner at Virginia - 4 views

    recordings from his lectures while writer in residence. so valuable!
Megan Black

Video Lectures Talks Conferences Symposiums Debates Interviews - 14 views

    This site lists 57 different forums for video learning and idea exchange. It was inspired by TED Talks and lists sites like TED and beyond.

101 Lectures for Your Open Source Education | Online College Tips - Online Colleges - 0 views

    You can not only take advantage of the great resources open source has, but also become a part of a movement that shares more freedom of ideas. In these lectures, you'll learn more about the open source philosophy and what it can be used for.
anonymous - Videos on the People, Issues, and Ideas Changing the Planet - 0 views

shared by anonymous on 08 Jun 09 - Cached
    videos similar to TED talks. informative
Nelly Cardinale

100 Free Online Lectures that Will Make You a Better Teacher | Best Universities - 0 views

    Great teachers know that learning doesn't stop as soon as you graduate from college. Teachers learn from their experience, from their colleagues, from their students, and any number of other resources. If you are a teacher looking for ways to expand your knowledge base, here are 100 free lectures you can watch to help facilitate some of that learning.
Lisa M Lane

Online Education - Introducing the Microlecture Format - Open Education - 0 views

  • in online education “tiny bursts can teach just as well as traditional lectures when paired with assignments and discussions.” The microlecture format begins with a podcast that introduces a few key terms or a critical concept, then immediately turns the learning environment over to the students.
  • “It’s a framework for knowledge excavation,” Penrose tells Shieh. “We’re going to show you where to dig, we’re going to tell you what you need to be looking for, and we’re going to oversee that process.”
  • It clearly will not work for a course that is designed to feature sustained classroom discussions. And while the concept will work well when an instructor wants to introduce smaller chunks of information, it will likely not work very well when the information is more complex.
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  • 1. List the key concepts you are trying to convey in the 60-minute lecture. That series of phrases will form the core of your microlecture. 2. Write a 15 to 30-second introduction and conclusion. They will provide context for your key concepts. 3. Record these three elements using a microphone and Web camera. (The college information-technology department can provide advice and facilities.) If you want to produce an audio-only lecture, no Webcam is necessary. The finished product should be 60 seconds to three minutes long. 4. Design an assignment to follow the lecture that will direct students to readings or activities that allow them to explore the key concepts. Combined with a written assignment, that should allow students to learn the material. 5. Upload the video and assignment to your course-management software.
    • Lisa M Lane
      This really isn't lecture - it's more like an introduction to guide them toward reading and discussion.
  • the microlecture format similarly requires teachers to get the key elements across in a very short amount of time. Most importantly, it forces educators to think in a new way.
  • Given that it is tough to justify the traditional lecture timeframes
Vicki Davis

Academic Earth | Online Courses | Academic Video Lectures - 0 views

    Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars.
    Named a top website in education, academic earth aggregates open content of all kinds into courses. Of the best use, I think, are the ratings that let you see the best lectures, etc. To subscribe to the best lectures in your field as a sort of podcast would be powerful.
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