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Dave Truss

Cut MP3 Online with MP3 Cutter - 10 views

shared by Dave Truss on 21 Mar 10 - Cached
  • is a simple Web 2.0 utility that enables you to cut out pieces of a MP3 files without having to decode that MP3. You don't need to upload MP3, cuts MP3 locally. Cut MP3 files online for Free!
David Wetzel

12 Creative Ways to Use iPods and Mp3 Players in Adult Education - 11 views

    Today there are new creative ways to use an iPod and similar Mp3 players to support learning in adult education programs. These handhelds or portable digital devices were originally developed as a convenient way to listen to music. Now their uses have evolved beyond just music, their new expanded role is providing both audio and video learning applications for education. Online tool and application resources are provided for completing adult education and training programs using internet-based audio and video technology.
Jason Heiser

Hearwho - 0 views

shared by Jason Heiser on 05 Aug 08 - Cached
    Great web 2.0 service that converts your text into an MP3. MP3 can be downloaded or listened to from the web...
Ruth Howard

edtechlive's mp3 Bookmarks on Delicious - 5 views

    Delicious Bookmarks of all Steve Hardagon Edtech interviews mp3 format only.
Martin Burrett

SoundGecko - 4 views

    Create MP3 'text to speech' files from websites to 'read' on the go. The site makes an audio file using a voice synthesiser. Combine with a simple notepad site and add your own text to read anything you like. An email address is required.
Nelly Cardinale - 0 views

    seeqpod/playlist + youtube + lyrics + amazon mp3s all in one slick package
cory plough

Convert Youtube and Myspace Video to MP3! Only at - 0 views

    convert youtube and other vids to mp3
Patti Porto

Free Online text to speech (TTS) converter SpokenText - 0 views

  • allows you to record PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, ,RSS news feeds, emails and web pages, and converts them to speech automatically. You can download your recording as an iPod book or mp3 file.
Fred Delventhal

Links to Tens of Thousands of Legal Music Downloads - 0 views

    Links to Tens of Thousands of Legal Music Downloads Enjoy free music without getting in trouble by downloading the legal MP3s many musicians provide as a way to promote themselves. By Michael David Crawford You don't need to worry about getting sued by the Recording Industry Assocation of America or arrested by the FBI if you download legal music. Many independent and unsigned musicians offer downloads of their music in hopes of attracting more fans. Here's some music from my friends Oliver Brown and Rick Walker's Loop.pooL as well as my own piano compositions.
Vicki Davis

FreeConferencePro | Unlimited full-featured teleconferencing for FREE - 0 views

    Set up free conference calls and allows as many people as you like to set up and participate in the conference call. Many of us use skype, however, if you go over 10, and people are just in the US, you could use this instead. The great things is that this gives you recording of the conference with no time limit. The MP3 file is given to the host.
Kelly Faulkner

The BonkEnc Project - Downloads - 13 views

    convert your old cds to mp3 with one click. dead easy, open-source software.
Martin Burrett turns blogs into podcasts! - 12 views

    This online tool converts the text on webpages to a downloadable MP3 to listen to quickly.
Martin Burrett

Record mp3 - 12 views

    This is a really simple flash-based audio recorder. Just press record, listen and download or share the link.
Vicki Davis

World Poetry Day - TES English - Resources - TES - 4 views

    Get ready to read poetry! World Poetry day is March 21. Here are a lot of lesson plans and ideas for that day including some digital e-poetry booklets that you could download as well as mp3's and videos that you can use as well as lesson plans.
Ben Rimes

Free online Music Generator -'s Roc - 16 views

    Create free online music clips for use as ring tones, in podcasts, or other media projects. Arrange loops, record your voice, or upload your own mp3's to create your music. This could be a useful tool for creating music on a PC without Garageband.
    Thanks for sharing!
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