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Vicki Davis

ELT Techniques: LISTENING and PRONUNCIATION: Online Course - 3 views

    Here's the page where you sign up for the MOOC. there are already 83 enrolled in the class. "ELt-t consists of virtual classes, collaborative work by participants, and social engagement around content. It is designed for anyone teaching children or adults, in large or small groups, and in public or private schools. It is also appropriate for teachers-in-training. Whether you are working part-time, full-time, or not at all, you'll find that ELt-t easily suits your schedule. You do NOt need to have special knowledge of technology to participate in this course. ELt-t is overseen by Jason R Levine (Fluency MC) with the help of Sylvia Guinan, Dr. Nellie Deutsch, and a team of passionate English teacher facilitators from around the world.   Course Presenters: Jack Askew of teaching ESL Online Drew Badger of EnglishAnyone Sean Banville of Breaking News English Kip Boahn of Virtlantis Dr. Christel Broady of Georgetown College Mau Buchler of tripppin Dr. Nellie Deutsch of It4ALL and WizIQ Adir Ferreira of transparent Language Charles Goodger of English FunSongs Sylvia Guinan of ESLbrain and WizIQ tony Gurr of Momentum Learning Solutions Vicki Hollett of Simple English Videos Jennifer Lebedev of English with Jennifer Jason R. Levine of ColloLearn and WizIQ Paul Maglione of English Attack! Stephen Mayeux of ESLhiphop Justin Murray of Real Life English Carissa Peck of mELting Activities Chuck Sandy of itDi Rachel Smith of Rachel's English Shelly Sanchez terrell of the 30 Goals Challenge for Educators teresa Hecht Valais of University of Dayton Center for Intl. Programs Andrew Weiler of Strategies in Language Learning Jason West of English Out there"
Nik Peachey

Using action research to explore technology in ... - 4 views

    Using action research to explore technology in language teaching #edtech #ict #research…
Brendan Murphy

MathRecap | Edited by Dan Meyer - 6 views

    I liked this post [Help Wanted] Can I Get Your Feedback On
Ruth Howard

M.I.T. LeTs STudenT Bloggers PosT WiThouT Censoring - - 1 views

    "M.I.T.'s bloggers, who are paid $10 an hour for up To four hours a week, offer ThoughTs on anyThing ThaT mighT inTeresT a prospecTive sTudenT. Some offer advice on The applicaTion process and The insTiTuTe's inTense workload; oThers wriTe abouT quirkier Topics,"
Bill Campbell

How to link to a particular point in a Youtube video (Deep Links - Youtube Help) - 6 views

    This is how you link To a specific sTarTing poinT in a YouTube video. Basically, jusT add #T=XmYs To The end of The video URL.  X is The number of minuTes and Y is The seconds you wanT skipped when The video is viewed.
    Right after posting this, I realized there is now a Share option on the Youtube site that you can use to make this even easier. While viewing the Youtube video: 1) pause the video at the point where you want others to start watching, 2) click the Share button, 3) click options (directly under the link), 4) put a check in the Start at box, and finally 5) copy the link provided by Youtube. Note that you can also type in the start at time as minutes:seconds. the #t part of the link that makes the video start at the spot you specified is included in the link.
Nik Peachey

GoNoodle - Video for the Classroom | tools for ... - 1 views

    GoNoodle - Video for the Classroom #elt #yltsig #edtech #video #tefl #tpr #k12 #eal
Vicki Davis

Researchers say tooth proves t. rex was predator - - 1 views

    More science news! A duckbill dinosaur was found with a trex tooth in it. Yes - trex was a predator, so no rewrite of Jurassic park is needed. "You see 'Jurassic Park,' and you see t. rex as this massive hunter and killer, as incredibly vicious. But scientists have argued for 100 years that he was too big and too slow to hunt prey and that he was probably a scavenger, an animal that feeds only on dead things," University of Kansas paleontologist David Burnham said. Burnham and researcher Robert DePalma got what Burnham described as his "lucky break" when they found the fossil of a duckbill dinosaur's tail with a tooth in it."
Fred Delventhal

The EducaTion Conference Calendar - 10 views

    The Conference Calendar (TCC) was firsT conceived by ITEG, LLC in 1999. LisTing every single educaTional Technology relaTed conference ThaT could be found in The US, iT was eagerly Taken on and supporTed by The T.H.E Journal. Over The nexT decade TCC esTablished iTself as The indusTry's leading websiTe for ed Tech evenTs. Today, TCC is independenTly managed by one of iTs original producers and expanding iTs service inTo The enTire educaTion indusTry.
Jeff Johnson

School District Restricts teacher-Student Online Social Networking - 0 views

    Teachers and sTudenTs in Lamar CounTy can''T be InTerneT friends This year afTer The School Board revamped rules prohibiTing Them from being friends Through online social neTworks. The Lamar CounTy School Board approved The sTaff policy againsT online communicaTion and TexT messaging beTween Teachers and sTudenTs aT iTs July 7 meeTing.
Julie Lindsay

Journal of the Research Center for Educational technology - 0 views

    Mark Van 't Hooft, Kent State University
nate stearns

Study Suggests Math teachers Scrap Balls and Slices - New York times - 0 views

  • ThaT idea may be wrong, if researchers aT Ohio STaTe UniversiTy are correcT. An experimenT by The researchers suggesTs ThaT iT mighT be beTTer To leT The apples, oranges and locomoTives sTay in The real world and, in The classroom, To focus on absTracT equaTions, in This case 40 (T + 1) = 400 - 50T, where T is The Travel Time in hours of The second Train. (The answer is below.)
  • Dr. Kaminski and her colleagues Vladimir M. Sloutsky and Andrew F. Heckler did something relatively rare in education research: they performed a randomized, controlled experiment. their results appear in Friday’s issue of the journal Science.
    • nate stearns
      Yes! Only problem. Why isn't the study linked to from the NYt article?
Dave Truss

B.I.A.T. - Bringing IT All TogeTher - 0 views

  • The end resulT of The faciliTaTed maTh experience is ThaT The sTudenT will have had his masTery needs meT because he was able To fix a miscalculaTion, he was able To share his fix and feel safe abouT making misTakes and learning from Them. This sTudenT is more likely To embed The concepT inTo his maThemaTical schema.
  • FACT: STudenTs do noT need marks To be moTivaTed. MosT of The besT work I have ever seen came from sTudenTs who were noT worried abouT evaluaTive handcuffs.
    FACT: STudenTs do noT need marks To be moTivaTed. MosT of The besT work I have ever seen came from sTudenTs who were noT worried abouT evaluaTive handcuffs.
Jeff Johnson

Copyright & Fair Use in teaching Resources -- Center for Social Media at American University - 0 views

    The CenTer for Social Media in The School of CommunicaTion aT American UniversiTy, The Program on InformaTion JusTice and InTellecTual ProperTy in American UniversiTy WashingTon College of Law, and The Media EducaTion Lab of Temple UniversiTy are conducTing a projecT 2007-2009 To clarify fair use in media educaTion, wiTh supporT from The John D. and CaTherine T. MacArThur FoundaTion. This projecT will help media liTeracy educaTors undersTand Their righTs under The docTrine of fair use in order To help Them more effecTively use media as an essenTial parT of Their Teaching.
Mary Barzee

ER tweet: "If my husband dies, I'm going to go [eff]ing ballistic" | - 4 views

    "When Benn Rosales had a heart attack in December, his wife Lani, a very active member of the twitterati, tweeted throughout the experience. Afterward she thought to compile those tweets as a record of Benn's e-patient experience: "this hospital is understaffed and we're being sh*t on because of it. if my husband dies i'm going to go [eff]ing ballistic." Here's the story, told in tweets, largely unedited…"
Ruth Howard

HP Invents a Central Nervous System for the Earth | Inhabitat - 4 views

  • HP has just unveiled an incredibly ambitious project to create a “Central Nervous System for the Earth” (CeNSE) composed of billions of super sensitive, cheap, and tough sensors. the project involves distributing these sensors throughout the world and using them to gather data that could be used to detect everything from infrastructure collapse to environmental pollutants to climate change and impending earthquakes. From there, the “Internet of things” and smarter cities are right around the corner.HP is currently developing its first sensor to be deployed, which is an accelerometer 1,000 times more sensitive than those used in the Wii or the iPhone – it’s capable of detecting motion and vibrations as subtle as a heartbeat. the company also has plans to use nanomaterials to create chemical and biological sensors that are 100 million times more sensitive than current models. their overall goal is to use advances in sensitivity and nanotech to shrink the size of these devices so that they are small enough to clip onto a mobile telephone.Once HP has created an array of sensors, the next step is distributing them and making sense of all the data they generate. that’s no easy task, granted that a network of one million sensors running 24 hours a day would create 20 petabytes of data in just six months. HP is taking all that number crunching to task however, and will be harnessing its in-house networking expertise, consulting, and data storage technologies for the project.the creation of a global sensor system would be an incredible breakthrough – it could make our cities more efficient, save lives, and enable us to better understand, track, and combat climate change. As HP Labs senior researcher Peter Hartwell has stated, “If we’re going to save the planet, we’ve got to monitor it“.+ CeNSEVia Fast CompanyLead photo by Margie Wylie Comments RSS Comments RSS digg_url = ''; digg_title = 'HP Invents a Central Nervous System for the Earth'; digg_skin = 'compact'; email this tweetmeme_url = ""; tweetmeme_style = "compact"; facebook this Related Posts

Layar - 11 views

shared by anonymous on 27 Dec 09 - Cached
    "Layar is a free application on your mobile phone which shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone. Layar is a global application, available for the Iphone 3GS, t-Mobile G1, HtC Magic and other Android phones in all Android Markets. It also comes pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy in the Netherlands. How do you use Layar? By holding the phone in front of you like a camera, information is displayed on top of the camera display view. For all points of interest which are displayed on the screen, information is shown at the bottom of the screen. "
    Layar may be only operational in a few specific countries? I tried to locate the software from the App Store from Australia but did not succeed.
    Thanks, STeve, for The heads up on ThaT.
yc c

The Hidden WaTer We Use - NaTional Geographic - 7 views

    "You might be surprised at how much water it takes to bring that hamburger to your plate or oto make your favorite t-shirt. Compare apples to oranges, beer to wine, wind power to coal and see how your choices add up"
Dennis OConnor

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education - 4 views

  • Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education
    The CenTer for Social Media is a projecT of The School of CommunicaTion aT The American UniversiTy in WashingTon, D.C. The CenTer in conjuncTion wiTh The Media EducaTion Lab aT Temple UniversiTy in Philadelphia and The Program on InformaTion JusTice and InTellecTual ProperTy, a projecT of The WashingTon College of Law aT The American UniversiTy in WashingTon D.C. has developed a Code of BesT PracTices in Fair Use for Media LiTeracy EducaTion. The NaTional Council of Teachers of English is signaTory To The documenT, along wiTh various oTher legal and educaTional groups. The code was funded by The John D. and CaTherine T. MacArThur FoundaTion and The Ford FoundaTion Through The FuTure of Public Media ProjecT. (AnnoTaTion by Larry Michaud - UW-STouT E-Learning PracTicum)
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