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Ed Webb

Why hard work and specialising early is not a recipe for success - The Correspondent - 0 views

  • dispelling nonsense is much harder than spreading nonsense.
  • a worldwide cult of the head start – a fetish for precociousness. The intuitive opinion that dedicated, focused specialists are superior to doubting, daydreaming Jacks-of-all-trades is winning
  • astonishing sacrifices made in the quest for efficiency, specialisation and excellence
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • In hostile learning environments without repetitive patterns, mastery is much harder to achieve. The feedback loop is insidious. Unlike chess, experience does not necessarily make you better. You may stick with the wrong approach because you’re convinced it’s the right one. 
  • Seemingly inefficient things are productive: expanding your horizons, giving yourself time, switching professions. 
  • early specialisation is a good idea if you want to become successful in certain fields, sports or professions. In fact, in some cases, it’s the only option. Take chess, for example: if you don’t start early, you won’t stand a chance at glory.
  • learning chess is not a good model for learning other things. Epstein explains this using the work of psychologist Robin Hogarth, who makes the distinction between friendly (kind) and unfriendly or hostile (wicked) learning environments.
  • In a friendly learning environment, such as chess, the rules are clear, the information is complete (all pieces are visible on the board), and you can (ultimately) determine the quality of every move. In other words, the feedback loop
  • friendly learning environments are the exception. The world is not as clear-cut as golf or chess. So early specialisation is often a bad idea. 
  • Most things that people want to learn do not resemble language, golf or chess, but rather a game in which the generalist has an advantage. A hostile learning environment
  • The better a teacher scored on their own subject (i.e., the higher the grades their students got in that subject), the more mediocre students’ scores were across the complete programme (all modules). The explanation? Those teachers gave their students rigidly defined education, purely focused on passing exams. The students passed their tests with high marks – and rated their teachers highly in surveys – but would fail later on. 
  • (Another example: the on-going worry about whether or not students’ degree choices are "labour market relevant".)
  • Many modern professions aren’t so much about applying specific solutions than they are about recognising the nature of a problem, and only then coming up with an approach. That becomes possible when you learn to see analogies with other fields, according to psychologist Dedre Gentner, who has made this subject her life’s work.
  • Another advantage generalists and late specialists have is more concrete: you are more likely to pick a suitable study, sport or profession if you first orient yourself broadly before you make a choice.
  • Greater enjoyment of the game is one of the benefits associated with late specialisation, along with fewer injuries and more creativity.
  • which child, teenager or person in their 20s knows what they will be doing for the rest of their lives?
  • Persevering along a chosen path can also lead to other problems: frustrations about failure. If practice makes perfect, why am I not a genius? In a critical review,
  • The tricky thing about generalist long-term thinking versus specialist short-term thinking is that the latter produces faster and more visible results.
  • specialising in short-term success gets in the way of long-term success. This also applies to education.
  • In learning environments without repetitive patterns, where cause and effect are not always clear, early specialisation and spending countless hours does not guarantee success. Quite the opposite, Epstein argues. Generalists have the advantage: they have a wider range of experiences and a greater ability to associate and improvise. (The world has more in common with jazz than classical music, Epstein explains in a chapter on music.)
  • Teachers who taught more broadly – who did not teach students readymade "prescribed lessons” but instilled "principles" – were not rated as highly in their own subject, but had the most sustainable effect on learning. However, this was not reflected in the results. These teachers were awarded – logically but tragically – lower ratings by their students.
  • the 10,000 hour gang has considerable power with their message "quitters never win, winners never quit".Epstein’s more wholesome message seems weak and boring in comparison. Some things are simply not meant for everyone, doubt is understandable and even meaningful, you can give up and change your choice of work, sports or hobby, and an early lead can actually be a structural disadvantage. 
  • "Don’t feel behind." Don’t worry if others seem to be moving faster, harder or better. Winners often quit.
Martin Burrett

Why INSET Days Fail by David Hughes - 0 views

    "Every learning organisation has a culture. This forms an underlying set of values and ways of doing things which determines how practice is maintained, and changes resisted or embraced. This culture changes slowly over time and resides in the experience and experiences of staff and other significant stakeholders in the organisation. A wise leader, before embarking on significant changes, would do well to ensure they understand the cultural drivers of the particular school for these may accelerate, or hinder the pace and direction of change."
Martin Burrett

20 Tips for a New Trainee Teacher! by @trainingtoteach - 3 views

    Now that I am venturing into my second year as a trainee teacher (yay me!), I've learnt a lot, I've made a lot of mistakes, made friends, made enemies, delivered some brilliant lessons and some so bad, I've wondered if maybe, just maybe I'd be better off sitting in the class, rather than teaching it.
Kelly Faulkner

Start Learning at Treehouse for Free - 7 views

    2 weeks free training for coding and building websites.
Vicki Davis

Module #3 - Becoming a Google Drive Master - Google Drive - 19 views

    A nice training module to help students and teachers become "Google Drive masters." Neat idea.
Megan Black

iBooks Author Essential Training | Video Tutorial from - 12 views

    "In this course, author and educator Chris Mattia demonstrates how to use the Apple iBooks Author application to create and publish your own iBook, without extensive design or publishing experience." Very Comprehensive. You can follow the course step by step or you can use the table of contents to skip to the specific skill you want.  There are video screen casts for everything. 
Daniela Bunea

TheConsultants-E - 1 views

    online training and development consultancy
Sam Ezz

The Most Popular Cat Breeds - 0 views

    Cats are the most wonderful pets. They add a lovely and cuddly touch to your life. What a great feeling they give to you when you come home after an exhaust
vinay1 a

Institute of Computer Accountants - 1 views

    account training becomes an added advantage if you do not wish to hire your personal accountant to manage your accounts. Accounting involves a lot of activities like book-keeping, preparing balance sheet, maintaining tax records and payroll and so on. There is no way you can avoid these tasks. Every functional organisation has to stick to these activities for the smooth functioning of the firm. Many organisations in the past have suffered from enormous losses only because their employees did not have the required accounting training and thus were unable to handle the accounting services and important financial documents and statements. For overall success, any firm should have a firm grip over the company's accounts and financial position. You can do a lot of things to ensure you are always informed about your company's financial position. First and foremost, you can ask experienced professionals from your company to undergo accounting training courses. By brushing up their knowledge through accounting training courses, these professionals will be in a better position to handle the accounting of the firm. Another option you have is to outsource the task to outside professionals who are competent enough to handle the accounting job. Apart from this, you can also hire accounting firms who can assure you transparency in all the dealings apart from impeccable services. By outsourcing your work to an outside firm, you can save a lot of time of your firm which can be utilised for other management tasks. However, you have to be ready to shell out a bomb to avail of these services and hence it is always a good thing to have your company's own professionals well versed in this task. Once your company professionals go through competent accounting training courses at a reputed accounting training centre, they can be ready to handle different tasks like preparing sales tax reports, creating monthly or mid-monthly reports, calculating reports with perfect sales figure,
Kelly Faulkner

Spelling Bee - Training - Times Spelling Bee - 7 views

    online spelling game for learning and competing.  uk site, so good for nz spelling.
Kelly Faulkner

Haylau ICT Training - 1 views

    free ict training (donation only) for teachers via haylau in the uk.
Vicki Davis

Google Apps Education Training Center - 15 views

    Awesome! This is an online learning environment dedicated for educators and students to learn how to effectively use Google Apps in an educational context.
    Free Google Apps training center. This will take you through the tools that are part of Google apps for education. Share this with your teachers and students.
David Wetzel

Avoiding Continuing Education is Too Costly for Career Success - 2 views

    Recommendations are provided for how to take time to learn new career skills and professional knowledge for advancement or employment in a new career.
Sandy Kendell

Teacher Training Videos created by Russell Stannard - 18 views

    Training on multiple software and Web 2.0 tools from an ICT teacher. Uses screen casts. Excellent free resource.
    Thanks for sharing!
Sandy Kendell

iTunes training videos | Teacher Training Videos Free on-line training in using technol... - 19 views

    How to use iTunes to subscirbe to podcasts. Screen-cast videos.
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