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Vicki Davis

Interoperability Bridges and Labs Center - 3 views

    If you want to play my BAM Radio show in your Chrome browser, here's how you do it.
David Wetzel

Algebra: Investigating Positive and Negative Slopes - 10 views

    Learning algebra is difficult for most students. Ask any student what they are learning in algebra and you will probably receive an answer similar to this (after - Why do I need to know this?). "Using Xs and Ys a lot, a bunch of numbers and symbols, and memorizing a lot of rules." This often comes with learning algebra without connection to anything students can relate to. When students learn basic math, they can make a lot of connections.
yc c

Universal Edit Button - Universal Edit Button - 11 views

    The Universal Edit Button is a green pencil icon in the address bar that indicates a web page is editable. It is similar to the orange "broadcast" RSS icon that indicates there is an RSS feed available.
Ted Sakshaug

Free programs to open any file extension! - 0 views

    Open with, gives detailed info about most file extensions and links to free programs that can open these files
    open obscure files
Fred Delventhal

Voxli: Group Voice Chat - 0 views

    Voxli Instant Voice Chat for Gamers and Teams Please get Adobe Flash Player to enable Voxli. If you already have Flash installed, some Flash-blocking or ad-blocking software could be preventing us from detecting Flash.
Kelly Faulkner

Zotero | Home - 0 views

    Designed by researchers for researchers. This tool will allow you to organize your research online & offline. It automatically captures data for citation in MLA, APA, & Chicago. The aspects that they are working on will be amazing in relation to collaboration with other people.
    firefox extension for compiling a complete works cited while researching on the internet.  pretty nifty tool - wish it worked on other browsers as well.
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