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Martin Burrett

School heads shape students' values via school climate - 1 views

    Over time, students' personal values become more similar to those of their school principal, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Associational for Psychological Science. The findings indicate that head-teachers' values are linked with aspects of school climate which are, in turn, linked with students' own values.
Ed Webb

An unseen disadvantage : The focus on independence at American universities can undermi... - 5 views

  • For middle-class students, college is “the ultimate symbol of independence” and also allows students to “distinguish themselves from their parents and realize their individual potential.” By contrast, students from working-class backgrounds are likely to have been socialized with different “rules of the game” —rules that emphasize interdependence with others (i.e., being part of a community).
  • “Many students from working-class families are influenced by limited financial resources and lack an economic safety net, and thus must rely on family and friends for support. Thus, these students’ expectations for college center around interdependent motives such as working together, connecting to others, and giving back,” said Stephens. “Given the largely independent college culture and the ways in which students’ social class backgrounds shape their motives for attending college, we questioned whether universities provide students from these different backgrounds with an equal chance of success.”
  • Admissions materials and university mission statements could be revised to reflect the importance of interdependent norms  In the classroom, professors could emphasize the importance of collaboration, require more group work, and seek to develop ongoing relationships with their students. Universities could provide students with more structured opportunities that encourage ongoing connections with peers and faculty.
Megan Black

The Participation Culture | Air Mozilla - 4 views

    Mozilla's Pascal Finette explains how the rising culture of participation combined with technology and power of networks will instigate the most fundamental change in human history. Recorded live at TEDxOrangeCoast
Toni Olivieri-Barton

Brain Pickings - 6 views

    Similar to Open culture.
Vicki Davis

Chinese New Year Lesson Plans and Resources - 9 views

    Chinese New year ideas, crafts, and activities. If you like topical activities, this is one for you.
Vicki Davis

Hanukkah Themed Activities - 5 views

    There are quite a few activities on this website around Hanukkah including a powerpoint presentation about Holidays around the world. It is a great time to talk about the holidays of many different faiths.
Claude Almansi

Open Culture - 1 views

    "The best free cultural & educational media on the web Essentials Free Courses Free Audio Books Free Movies Free Textbooks Free Language Lessons Great Science Videos Smart YouTube Channels Intelligent Video Sites Life Changing Books Get our Daily Email Our Free iPhone App Archive About Us"
Dave Truss

Antiquing « Intercultural Responsiveness - 4 views

    Intercultural responsiveness is not something we reach; rather, it's something we explore. As we explore, we begin to learn more about ourselves. As we learn more about ourselves, we ultimately learn more about others. And that is what this journey is about.
Michael Walker

A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change b... - 13 views

    From a tweet by Will Richardson
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