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Vicki Davis

How Sheryl Sandberg's Last Minute Addition To Her TED Talk Sparked A Movement - 6 views

  • stories make up at least 65% of the content of the most successful TED presentations.
  • Most leaders who make pitches and presentations take the opposite approach, filling their content with mind-numbing and unemotional statistics and data. But as another popular TED speaker, Brené Brown, has noted, “Stories are just data with a soul.”
  • Science has also shown that stories connect us in extraordinary ways. Researchers at Princeton University have found that a remarkable thing happens to your mind when you hear a story. Personal stories actually cause the brains of both storyteller and listener to exhibit what the researchers call “brain to brain coupling.” To put it simply, telling personal stories will put you in sync with your listener.
    Successful TED talks are 60% stories but, as this example shows with Sheryl Sandberg, it can mean being vulnerable and sharing the personal side of yourself.
Vicki Davis

TED Teams Up With PBS for Education Program - - 4 views

    "In its first television foray, TED has joined forces with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the New York public broadcaster WNET for a one-hour special, "TED Talks Education," to be broadcast on PBS on Tuesday. If it is successful, the program could become a template for future joint projects, said Juliet Blake, one of the show's executive producers and the TED official charged with bringing the conferences to television."
Vicki Davis

Hacking at Education: TED, Technology Entrepreneurship, Uncollege, and the Hole in the ... - 5 views

    I agree with Audrey Watters -- we need a way to QUESTION TED talks. Good ideas worth spreading are worth interrogating and discussing. There is NO platform for that and a growing issue, I think that TED MUST address if it is going to live long and prosper.

    Good educators, good leaders always question and are curious. We try things out and we wonder. We want solutions but solutions packaged in a cute 15 minute presentation aren't ever really as simple as they seem. There is a different between a sound byte and a bit of something I can REALLY use. 

    I agree with Audrey - READ her post. My worry is that we're spreading ideas that haven't, perhaps, been tested and gone through full examination.

    IF we didn't learn anything from the Mortensen "3 cups of tea" fiasco then education deserves to be mislead again. We should examine and have transparency with the speeches and be able to continue the conversation.

    "But I have questions.

    I have questions about this history of schooling as Mitra (and others) tell it, about colonialism and neo-colonialism. I have questions about the funding of the initial "Hole in the Wall" project (it came from NIIT, an India-based "enterprise learning solution" company that offers 2- and 4-year IT diplomas). I have questions about these commercial interests in "child-driven education" (As Ellen Seitler asks, "can the customer base be expanded to reach people without a computer, without literacy, and without any formal teaching whatsoever?"). I have questions about the research from the "Hole in the Wall" project - the research, not the 15 minute TED spiel about it. I have questions about girls' lack of participation in the kiosks. I have questions about project's usage of retired British schoolteachers - "grannies" - to interact with Indian children via Skype.

    I have questions about community support. I have questions about what happens when we dismantle public institutions like schools - questions about
Patti Porto

TED is Coming To PBS - Edudemic - 14 views

    "On April 16th, PBS is going to air the first televised TED event, dubbed TED Talks Education. It'll be filmed a bit before the airing on April 4th in New York City. The first three speakers include Geoffrey Canada of the Harlem Children's Zone, Bill Gates, and Sir Ken Robinson. TED says there will be more speakers (including "dynamic teachers, speakers, and performers") announced soon.

    The topic of discussion? Curbing the high school dropout crisis."
Vicki Davis

Lesson Planning and the Common Core: A Unit Based on | Edutopia - 7 views

    Using a video in a Common Core aligned writing assignment as students learn about speech patterns with the purpose of driving a TED-like conference at the school.
Allyssa Andersen

TED-Ed | Lessons Worth Sharing - 5 views

    TED talks into animated lessons with materials and options to use as a flipped classroom.
Kim Yaris

Questions no one knows the answers to | Video on - 8 views

    Fantastic for inspiring the message that we all need to be questioning and considering questions we don't know the answers to as we move forward into the 21st century
Vicki Davis

Get a virtual seat at ted talks - 8 views

    Ted live subscription for your school? You can get a virtual seat at TED talks (it includes a Kindle fire - no one is sure why.) This is a great overview from Edudemic.
Suzie Nestico

Derek Sivers: Weird, or just different? | Video on - 8 views

    Derek Sivers says there is a "flip side" to anything. Interesting, short talk about perspective. Looking at perspectives about how the opposite can be true in other cultures This is great to use when leading students into global collaboration projects and opening their minds to cultural diversity.
Tim Cunningham

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity | Video on - 4 views

    It might be 5 years old, but it still holds true. What has happened since then
Toni Olivieri-Barton

Charles Limb: Your brain on improv | Video on - 7 views

    How can we as educators use improv to stimulate the brain?
Suzie Nestico

YouTube - TEDxPhilly - Chris Lehmann - Education is broken - 1 views

  • Encourage learning by allowing students to do things they are good at instead of restricting them. While that may sound elementary, Lehmann's speech carves out an innovative way to teach students success so they will strive for success in the post-graduate world.
    • Suzie Nestico
      Principal of Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.  On PSSA standardized testing ~2:20 "What we are doing today today is worse than what you think.  We give them pretests and find out what they are worst in.  And then we give them more of that [and try to fix it]... iIt's only making sure you don't suck so much at the things you're bad at."
Suzie Nestico

TEDActive 2011: Projects: Education - 5 views

    #TEDActiveEDU How can we empower kids to reshape the education system?  Fantastic idea worth spreading started by Steve Hargadon on March 3, 2011 calling students to action in speaking up about their education.

    Our Flat Classroom Keynote from Mount Carmel Area High School "Student Perspective ~ Change Matters" was one of the top 10 videos.
Suzie Nestico

Elev8ed - 13 views

    Social network started by Steve Hargadon as part of TEDxActive calling for students to submit videos about changing education.
Dean Mantz

changED: TEDTalks for Social Studies Educators - 15 views

    Collection of TED talks for social studies teachers.
Kelly Faulkner

TED Talks Demystified for Teachers | The History Teacher's Attic - 16 views

    TED talks sorted by discipline
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