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Great way to make a marketing career - 1 views

    The future of higher education has been changed through online learning. Your career path can be changed by marketing degree from a best UK University.
Vicki Davis

TimeSheet Automatically Tracks Your Time Spent Working - Time management - Lifehacker - 19 views

    This is a pretty cool feature if you work on specific websites for people. It tracks your time on each task. This would also be good to use with students for them to track and understand ACTUALLy how much time they are spending on task and how much off task!
Joseph Rapai

4M Navigator Assessment and Strategy Instrument - 0 views

    The 4M Navigator Assessment is a revolutionary online, interactive questionnaire that immediately diagnoses the health and value of company.

100 Essential Web Tools for Any Side Business | Management Degree - 0 views

    If you are intent on growing your company into something respectable and profitable, you'll need the tools and connections to help you project a professional image. Check out our list of 100 essential web tools for anyone who's starting up a side business.

10 Big Differences Between MBAs and Entrepreneurs | Select Courses - 0 views

    While many entrepreneurs have MBAs and have worked hard to achieve success in both education and business, there are people who believe in basic differences between the two sets. Here are ten big differences seen by many to distinguish between entrepreneurs and MBAs.
Ted Sakshaug

100+ Sites for Learning about Business - 0 views

    list of business ed sites
Walter Antoniotti

Learning Internet Libraries - 0 views

    About fifty libraries contain free Internet information on academic subjects and materials to help students, teachers and professionals.
solusi plus

Busby SEO Test - 1 views

    Busby SEO Test - The Busby SEO World cup 2
Eloise Pasteur

Clark Aldrich's Style Guide for Serious Games and Simulations: The Reason Why Most Rese... - 0 views

  • Why is most research on business issues so useless? Why doesn't it drive the results that businesses require? Organizations may have commissioned reports on new markets, or Second Life, or Web 2.0, or outsourcing or re-insourcing, but why don't the reports have a richer impact?
  • I have come to the fairly unambiguous conclusion: most business research sits unused on shelves. It is thus a valid question to ask, especially in tightening budgets, why is that so? Is that inevitable? And, to a lesser degree, who's fault is that?
  • The big problem is that most business research relies on the same faulty intellectual constructs as other forms of linear content - it relies on linear analysis, case studies, and inspirational examples. And like with movies and magazines, they impress us with their cleverness but don't actually enable effective action (or any action, except more presentations), because they ar not designed to. The reports focus on knowing, not doing. The people at the receiving end of such research seldom turn the concepts into productive actions, because the research does not help them enough in doing so. At best, most research I have studied only takes the reader on 20% of the journey.
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  • The content model advocated on this blog is that of actions, systems, and results. And, there is a multiplier effect between them. If you do not have all three you really don't have anything.
    Discussion of business research, why it's not so great and how it could be improved
Eloise Pasteur

Deep learning and the google generation - Eloise's thoughts and fancies - 0 views

  • Does the google generation learn the necessary skills to develop into the high-flying academics of tomorrow? Pretty much whatever topic you do at higher degree level you will study intensively and for long periods. Does the multi-media fast burst learning they use so well at lower levels convert in enough of them to give us our professors of two decades time (I'm using professor in the UK sense, the highest level of university academic is a professor). Will it give us our surgeons - can they learn to concentrate for hours in surgery? At the same time, if middle and higher management in business don't stop to think deeply and make fast decisions for the short term, are the google generation actually better equipped than I am?
    A blog post from me about deeper learning and the google generation and fitness for higher learning and the world of work
Angela Maiers

Beyond Blogs - 0 views

    Excellent article from Business Week on the power and impact of blogs.
Dave Truss

Dollars and Sense: Kids Invest in Funds -- and Their Own Future | Edutopia - 0 views

    Video: Class is given $20,000 to invest stating in Grade 6 and ending in Grade 8, profits to charity... real life entrepreneur skills are taught!
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