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Martin Burrett

Oldest in class do better, even into university, study finds - 1 views

    "It's been known for years that the oldest children in class perform better in school than their youngest classmates. But according to a new study co-authored by University of Toronto Scarborough economist Elizabeth Dhuey, that gap can persist, with older children more likely to attend post-secondary school and graduate from an elite university."
Claude Almansi

Changing Demographics of Tablet and eReader Owners in the US | Nielsen Wire - 0 views

    "August 25, 2011 In the U.S., as recently as last Summer, tablet and eReader owners tended to be male and on the younger side. But according to Nielsen's latest, quarterly survey of mobile connected device owners, this is no longer the case. Back in Q3 2010, for example, 62 percent of tablet owners were under the age of 34 and only 10 percent were over the age of 55. By Q2 2011, only 46 percent of tablet owners were under the age of 34 and the percentage of those over 55 had increased to 19 percent. Looking at the data by gender underlines key changes in the eReader category. Sixty-one percent of all eReader owners are now female, compared to a mere 46 percent in Q3 2010. (Smartphone owners are now evenly split between male and female and tablets remain primarily male.)"
Tony Searl

Political Debate In Australia - 4 views

  • In 2006 I suggested that it might be time to actually define ''Education'', something omitted in the draft bill, and to explore its role in personal and community life, but this was rejected as too ambitious.
    • Tony Searl
      yep, what is education? Put it in the too hard basket. Keep doing what we've always done?
    This is by far the best-educated cohort in our history - on paper, anyway - but apparently lacking in courage, judgment, capacity to analyse or even simple curiosity, except about immediate personal needs.
Angela Maiers

CBS News Video - Top Stories and Video News Clips at - 0 views

    Interesting piece from 60 minutes - Age of the Millenials!
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