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Vicki Davis

Special Report on Blended Learning - Education Week - 5 views

    A breakdown of research on blended learning from Education Week.
Vicki Davis

Proof pointsBlended learning success in school districts | Christensen Institute - 2 views

    Documented methods that the implementation of blended learning has improved the traditional school system. The Clayton Cristensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation shares twelve of these case studies.
Vicki Davis

Drawing to Learn | Learning Sciences Research Institute - 1 views

    "Ainsworth, Prain and Tyler  (2011) in a paper in Science argue that  drawing  can play a number of  important roles in learning:, namely:

    Drawing to enhance engagement - surveys have shown than when students draw to explain they are more motivated to learn compared to traditional teaching of science.
    Drawing to learn to represent in science - the process of producing visual representations  helps learners understand how scientific representations work.
    Drawing to reason in science - student learn to reason like scientists as they select specific features to focus on in their drawings, aligning it with observation, measurement and/or emerging ideas
    Drawing as a learning strategy - if learners read a text and then draw it, the process of making their understanding visible and explicit helps them to overcome limitations in presented material, organise and integrate their knowledge and ultimately can be transformative.
    Drawing to communicate - discussing their drawings with their students provides teachers with windows into students' thinking as well being a way that the peers can share knowledge, discovery and understanding."
Brendan Murphy

There's no app for good teaching | - 6 views

  • Pedagogy and content, Mishra says, can’t be considered independently of each other;
  • using technology as a starting point, a way to introduce new experiences and modes of expressions.
  • Feedback, particularly how often and how it is given, is “massively underappreciated,” says Neil Heffernan,
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • encourage risk and confusion
  • “Kids are resistant to having their fun space colonized by adults.” Rather, she suggests, look to “connect with kids’ interest-driven practices through sites and educational technology that are authentically tied to classroom learning.”
  •  help students see the relevance
  • They learn to teach well by co-teaching with another teacher and then adding to or sharing the lesson.”
Vicki Davis

Novels Everyone Should Read - Interactive | Information Is Beautiful - 16 views

    An awesome list of novels based upon the awards they have won and book lists they've made. LIterature teachers will find this fascinating.
Vicki Davis

elearn Magazine: How to Help Teachers Use Technology in the Classroom - 13 views

    "Back to the Drawing Board: The 5Js

    In the 1990s, the Austin-based educational organization, SEDL, developed a technology professional development framework called the "5Js." The five 'J's, which I will explain in further detail in this article, are:
    just enough
    just in time
    just in case
    just try it."

What is the value of learning outside of the classroom? - 6 views

    Summary from an education discussion about learning outside the classroom
Dean Mantz

Learning through Reflection - 13 views

    "Reflection is thinking for an extended period by linking recent experiences to earlier ones in order to promote a more complex and interrelated mental schema. The thinking involves looking for commonalities, differences, and interrelations beyond their superficial elements. The goal is to develop higher order thinking skills."
Martin Burrett

Any Teacher - Any Place - 14 views

    A guide to learning anywhere. Great tips to make the most of your surroundings to help your students learn and explore.
Martin Burrett

To blog or not to blog - 8 views

    An exploration of the benefits and hurdles to blogging in the classroom and using blogs as a teaching tool
Dean Mantz

The Beginner's Guide To The Learning Pyramid - Edudemic - 9 views

    Learning Pyramid compares Passive to Participatory teaching methods in regards to average retention rates.

    My concern is the research used to determine the percentages reported.
Martin Burrett

6 of the best edu site from ICTmagic - 10 views

    6 of the best edtech sites for teaching and learning. Includes an amazing augmented reality quiz app.
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