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riss leung

Mathtrain.TV - 0 views

    Amazing student created math resources.
  • brought to you by Mr. Marcos and his 6th grade class in Santa Monica, CA. Let your students find answers about what they are doing here. This is amazing! This is an excellent example of WHY students should be creating and sharing with other students.
Lisa Johnson, Ph.D.

Educause - 0 views

    The name says it all. After visiting their Initiatives, Resources, Professional Development, and Community links to be inspired about great teaching and learning.
Jeff Johnson

Giving Students' learning Choices Through Technology « Education with Technol... - 0 views

  • I wonder what school would be like if we could have more options and choices available to students. Sure all students have to learn the same basic standards. How much choice do we give the students in how they go about doing it? Do we provide lectures, demonstrations, guided instructions, interactive activities, group activities, and self-tests in various digital formats for them? By using technology we can have many different forms of learning the standard available to the students. What, if instead of lock stepping the class in terms of the students’ learning, we freed up the class to make their own choices? They can select in what order or format to see/hear/experience the learning.
nate stearns

Study Suggests Math Teachers Scrap Balls and Slices - New York Times - 0 views

  • That idea may be wrong, if researchers at Ohio State University are correct. An experiment by the researchers suggests that it might be better to let the apples, oranges and locomotives stay in the real world and, in the classroom, to focus on abstract equations, in this case 40 (t + 1) = 400 - 50t, where t is the travel time in hours of the second train. (The answer is below.)
  • Dr. Kaminski and her colleagues Vladimir M. Sloutsky and Andrew F. Heckler did something relatively rare in education research: they performed a randomized, controlled experiment. Their results appear in Friday’s issue of the journal Science.
    • nate stearns
      Yes! Only problem. Why isn't the study linked to from the NYT article?
Art Gelwicks

Comment on: Fluffy thinking in the edtech community…a waste of energy and time - 0 views

  • I’m not saying there isn’t a place and a time for strategic thinking, what I’m saying is that the edublogosphere is loaded to the freakin’ gills with it. How many ways can you discuss the innate digital skills of middle school students before realizing it’s worth more to talk about what works and doesn’t work with them. In this case the why is truly “academic”. We’ve twittered, blogged, bookmarked, tagged, forwarded, and flogged this horse to an amazing degree. What I don’t see is the same amount of energy in capturing what’s been done with the students, the successes and failures, in anything longer than 140 characters. If we want our teachers to learn to fish, we have to show them how to bait the hook and cast the line…not wonder if the fish are truly hungry.
  • used in first grade classroom so students are participating in asynchronous conversation and everyone gets to share on topic chosen by teacher. Combined with short recordings from audio enhancement classroom system help the teacher quickly post new content from class to the site.
    • Art Gelwicks
      This is the type of practical example I'm talking about. 30,000 ft. talk is great...only if you're able to land the plane too.
    Annotated comments about this blog posting.
Anna Adam

iLearn Technology - 0 views

    Awesome blog that highlights one or two Web 2.0 gems with each post. Very clean blog with info on the site/application, tips and most importantly, ways to implement that site/application into your curriculum.
Erin Remple

Landmarks for School -- Home - 0 views

    David Warwick handouts
Jeff Richardson

5 Easy Ways to Dip Your Toes in the Web 2.0 Water | The Moss-Free Stone - 0 views

    Great way for teachers new to web 2 to get started and try some things out. However, I think it should Diigo now!
    Great easy way for teachers to get into web 2.0. However, it needs Diigo added to it now!
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