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Andres Felipe Muñoz


Los textos tiene la facultad de llevarnos a otros espacios, a otras instancias en las cuales confrontamos nuestras realidades con las realidades que subyacen en la estructura interna de cada propos...

good teaching learners styles teachers self-regulation

started by Andres Felipe Muñoz on 01 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
Carlos Lizarraga Celaya

Learning and Knowing in Networks: Changing roles for Educators and Designers - 2 views

    Learning and Knowing in Networks: Changing roles for Educators and DesignersGeorge Siemens. Arrchivo PDF
Carlos Lizarraga Celaya

Systemic Changes in Higher Education | in education - 1 views

    A power shift is occurring in higher education, driven by two trends: (a) the increased freedom of learners to access, create, and re-create content; and (b) the opportunity for learners to interact with each other outside of a mediating agent. Information access and dialogue, previously under control of the educator, can now be readily fulfilled by learners. When the essential mandate of universities is buffeted by global, social/political, technological, and educational change pressures, questions about the future of universities become prominent. The integrated university faces numerous challenges, including a decoupling of research and teaching functions. Do we still need physical classrooms? Are courses effective when information is fluid across disciplines and subject to continual changes? What value does a university provide society when educational resources and processes are open and transparent?
Blanca Margarita Parra Mosqueda

Free Technology for Teachers: Free Downloads - 2 views

    Usar y compartir recursos gratuitos, trabajar en colaboración.
    Una buena página para pensar y repensar en los recursosque ya utilizamos y los que todavía no.
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