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Tim Cooper

Educational Leadership:Teaching with Mobile Tech:Mobile Devices: Driving Us to Distract... - 57 views

    Nice summary of research on digital distraction
Elizabeth Pitel

Tabletop Whale - 74 views

    These animated infographics illustrate these ideas amazingly!

The Challenges of Digital Leadership - 46 views

    Scott McLeod summarizes the reasons that technology is not used effectively in independent schools, and gives suggestions for how to do it better.
Mary Glackin

Report: Teachers Better at Using Tech than Digital Native Students -- THE Journal - 59 views

  • Today's school-age learners are no more technology savvy than their teachers.
  • teachers' technology use experiences surpassed students whether it [was] inside or outside of school
  • eacher age had no impact on the kinds of technology skills they have. The gap between them and their students lies with how little opportunity students get to practice technology beyond pursuing their personal interests
    learners are less tech savvy than their teachers
Jon Tanner

The Aspen Institute - LEARNERS AT THE CENTER - Findings and Recommendations - 31 views

    Report from the Aspen Institute about policy changes and general philosophy changes needed in order to achieve student-centered learning, and the importance of technology to make this work.
Dee LoneHill

Santa Fe schools to launch tech program - Education Week - 6 views

    Santa Fe schools to launch tech program
Elizabeth Kahn

How to Integrate Tech When It Keeps Changing | Edutopia - 61 views

    Great article from Edutopia explaining why we need to persevere with technology integration.
Michelle Kassorla

Exploring Google Add-Ons: Mail Chimp - 73 views

    This is my latest blog post about why educators should try using the Google Drive Add-On MailChimp.

Tutorial on 5 web resources for elementary teachers - 61 views

    I made this screencast using Jing.
    I can't get it to play, even after I installed the software. :(
Sasha Thackaberry

Hack Education - 31 views

    I've read articles from here, but amazing stuff. Audrey Watters #herooftheday
Deborah Baillesderr

Tech With Tia, Tools for Teaching with Technology - Website - 80 views

    Great resources from a woman who knows her stuff!
tom jackson

You should know these - Imgur - 70 views

    website list of educational tech tools
    The website listed at the bottom of the graphic is very inappropriate.
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