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Jeff Peterson

INTERACT Cafe - 64 views

    Great "how to" resources for many different instructional technology tools. Easy to use and free.
Paul Hieronymus

technoteswcs - ActivInspire FlipChart Creation Tips - 99 views

    thanks to @web20classroom for sharing this jem
Suzanne Nelson

How to Adjust to your Interactive Whiteboard: Understanding Layers « classroo... - 119 views

  • Understanding Layers As you grow accustomed to using your IWB (interactive whiteboard) on a regular basis, you’ll doubtless come up with ideas that you would like to implement. At the same time, you may not feel ready to experiment with actions, sounds, and other properties. Fortunately, you can do a lot with your IWB if you understand layers and use them wisely. Using layers on your IWB is easy and a great step forward in getting your kids to interact with your board.
Beth Panitz

Promethean Planet - Interactive Teacher Community, Interactive Whiteboard Lessons and R... - 65 views

    Teaching community exchanging resources and lessons using whiteboard technology
Roberta Bandfield

Research : For Educators : Promethean. - 39 views

    Dr. Robert Marzano's Evaluation Study on Promethean's ActivClassroom Effect on Student Achievement shows that "Effective teaching practices combined with interactive classroom technologies significantly boosts student academic performance." It was commissioned by Promethean, so take it with a grain of salt, but the actual report looks fairly convincing. I would need somebody with more expertise in statistics to verify the research methods, though.
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    Interesting research
    You have to assume two things when looking at this research....1. People have had adequate training using the Promethean boards using effective teaching practices, and 2. that the teacher has good teaching practices in place. The other thing to consider, could we get the same or better results using a Document camera, laptop, & LCD projector? I bet we could and it's a lot cheaper solution.
    We call those 'extraneous' variables. Another point to consider is, was it the actual Promethean board? or can we extend these results to include other interactive whiteboards, such as SMART? Just wondering.
Lee-Anne Patterson

Geometry : Themes : Resources : Promethean Planet - 46 views

    In honor of Pi Day, held March 14, we've developed a theme all about geometry! So get out your protractors, rulers and compasses (or just pull these tools up on your ActivBoard using your ActivSoftware)! In this theme, you will find hundreds of lessons and resources covering topics such as similar triangles and indirect measurement, coordinate geometry, congruence, ratio and proportion, area, perpindicularity and much, much more.
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