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Fichas para trabajar la inteligencia emocional - 9 views

    La inteligencia emocional es clave para el bienestar de las personas. Educar con inteligencia emocional desde el principio, va a aportar importantes ventajas en el rendimiento de nuestros alumnos.
Roland Gesthuizen

Assessing Student Interests and Strengths - ReadWriteThink - 82 views

    "In this Strategy Guide, you'll learn about a number of specific methods that can help you to gain a fuller picture of the interests of your students as well as what your students understand, know, and can demonstrate by doing."
Matt Renwick

The most-desired skills of 2020 will be… | Pew Internet & American Life Project - 142 views

  • In contrast, the ability to read one thing and think hard about it for hours will not be of no consequence, but it will be of far less consequence for most people.”
  • “These two modes of thinking (rapid information gathering vs. slower information processing and critical analysis) represent two different cultures, each with its own value system,” maintained Patrick Tucker, deputy editor of The Futurist magazine. “They can work together and complement one another but only with effort on the part of both sides.
  • the most highly valued intellectual and personal skills will be the ability to exist in both of these spaces.”
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  • Have young folk practice rapid retrieval skills alongside quiet time, personal insight, attention to detail, memory. Develop the skills to function well both unplugged and plugged-in.”
  • “There will be a premium on the skill of maintaining presence, of mindfulness, of awareness in the face of persistent and pervasive tool extensions and incursions into our lives. Is this my intention, or is the tool inciting me to feel and think this way? That question, more than multitasking or brain atrophy due to accessing collective intelligence via the internet, will be the challenge of the future.”
Ann Green

The AWL Highlighter - 35 views

    This program will identify core academic vocabulary in a text, using the Academic Word List.
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