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Jac Londe

Wolfram Demonstrations Project - 83 views

    Intelligent ways to learns concepts related to mathematics
Doug Henry

WolframTones: An Experiment in a New Kind of Music - 1 views

    WolframTones: A New Kind of Music -- Unique cellphone ringtones and music created by simple programs from renowned scientist Stephen Wolfram's computational universe
AnnMarie Furbur

Goofram - Search Google and Wolfram Alpha at the same time! - 5 views

    search Google and wolfram alpha at the same time
Michele Brown

Wolfram Education Portal - 187 views

  • In the portal you'll find a dynamic textbook, lesson plans, widgets, interactive Demonstrations, and more built by Wolfram education experts.
Kalin Wilburn

Wolfram|Alpha Widgets - Create, Share, and Embed Widgets for Free - 30 views

    • Kalin Wilburn
      This website allows you to create your own Widget or utilize ones that have already been created. Use the Gallery to find whatever widget you might be looking for and then copy the link or embed it directly into your website, moodle page, or blog.
  • Widgets are mini-apps built on top of Wolfram|Alpha queries. You can build your own, or find useful widgets in the Widget Gallery. Share them in Facebook, Twitter, email, or anywhere else.
Dimitris Tzouris

Wolfram|Alpha Homework Day - 64 views

    Sounds fun! Let's go! :-)
Gloria Yakes - 3 views

    An introduction to WolframAlpha and all that it can do-----worth the time it takes to watch it!

Wolfram|Alpha - 6 views

shared by pandya on 09 May 09 - Cached
    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast off
    Computational Knowledge Engine
    Enter what you want to calculate or know about:
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