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Chai Reddy

Shelley Carson, Ph.D.: Creativity in the 21st Century - 53 views

  • how do you keep yourself balanced when there are so many demands on your time and personal resources? To maintain your energy -- and your sanity -- you need to find creative ways to manage your time so that you can juggle the demands of modern existence while still insuring that your hours and days remain rich and meaningful.
  • You not only need to be creative to enhance your life, you need it to survive.
Chai Reddy

Michael Levine: Make Teaching Creativity More Than Just a Song and Dance (VIDEO) - 72 views

  • In an IBM poll of over 1,500 CEOs, creativity was ranked the #1 leadership competency for successful companies of tomorrow. Other countries in the EU and China have already taken note and are experimenting with school programs to prioritize creative skills. Meanwhile the American education system has renewed its focus on more rigorous curriculum standards and national testing in an effort to improve our global competitiveness. In doing so, are we missing something essential?
  • With children older than 8 spending over 10 hours a day using media outside school, we must meet children where they are in order to convert couch time at home, and seat time at school, into creative learning time.
Roland Gesthuizen

Gary Stager: First We Kill the Teacher Unions! - 117 views

    If the educational neocons succeed and break the backs of teacher unions, what do they think would happen? What would magically occur the next day? How are schools expected to improve? I demand that these Democratic tough guys and gals tell me what they will do next.
Roland Gesthuizen

Why Teachers Matter | George Lucas - 39 views

    "Kids today grow up immersed in a world of digital technology. Information is now freely available to everyone. It's powerful. Digital technology can get information, store information, do calculations and connect people in new ways. Digital technology can do so many amazing things for the learning process, but it can't be human."
Roland Gesthuizen

Why Investing In Girls Is The Smartest Move We Can Make - 25 views

    "Lack of access to education and health care for girls around the world doesn't just hurt girls -- it hurts their families, communities and economies. Last month, UN Women released an infographic illustrating in numbers just how beneficial supporting young girls can be for a country's economy. "
Cindy Huskey

John Green Interview: 'Fault In Our Stars' Author Talks Worst Book Ever, Where He Likes... - 53 views

    Oddly enough, John Green and I share the same worst book ever. Who knew?
MaryLiz Jones

Rae Ann Knopf: So Just What Are the Common Core Standards? - 51 views

    So Just What are the Common Core Standards?
Jennie Snyder

Elizabeth English: Why So Many Schools Remain Penitentiaries of Boredom - 80 views

  • Instead, educators must become designers of doing.
  • eaching is a highly skilled craft, requiring not only explicit objectives, but a beautifully designed and irresistible learning experience that asks students think critically, solve a problem, create a product.
  • Educational leaders have to have the courage to reinvent our schools for real this time. And our teachers must be teachers of children as well as teachers of their subject area. This means possessing pedagogical knowledge -- the tools in the tool belt to design a lesson for the students of the present and the problems of the future.
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  • Our schools and teaching have to be worthy of a student's attention.
  • And here's where our schools become relevant once more: in teaching our children to evaluate and use that information in ways that are important and meaningful and to satisfy their fundamental human desire to construct solutions for the world full of engaging and pressing problems they will inherit.
Matt Renwick

Miriam Sherin: 109 Ways to Celebrate Math Lessons From Dr. Seuss - 4 views

    • Matt Renwick
      Support for nonsensical language
  • Dr. Seuss is credited with saying, "It is better to know how to learn than to know."
Roland Gesthuizen

Second-Graders At Elmwood Franklin School Edit NFL Tweets For Bad Grammar (PHOTOS) - 42 views

    "NFL players steal the spotlight for lots of reasons. Proficiency in grammar has never been one of them. Mark Saldanha, a second-grade teacher at Elmwood Franklin School in Buffalo, N.Y., decided to use that to his advantage last week, when his class selected tweets from NFL players -- and then corrected them."

Sir Ken Robinson: Why We Need to Reform Education Now - 2 views

    Why We Need to Reform Education Now - Huffington Post Some say we can't afford to personalize education to every student. The fact is we can't afford not to.
Enid Baines

Mark Bazer: Rebecca Skloot on Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks... and Getting Kicked Ou... - 50 views

    Video of Rebecca Skloot regarding "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"
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