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Philippe Scheimann

Life Narratives in Social Media | DMLcentral - 8 views

  • In a parallel of a market economy, we find ourselves in an attention economy, tailoring our digital stories to maximize the numbers of friends, followers or replies, deploying our digital narratives in competition with other users for a share of the audience’s limited attention. Rather than engage in conversations, we can find ourselves attempting to cultivate audiences.
  • As educators, we know that we need to help young people understand how their digital stories might be interpreted and appropriated, and support them to maintain their privacy. But can we also find ways to help them tell their stories in ways that are not just about presenting idealized versions of themselves to a corporate world, but allow them to critique these narratives and gain agency over their own stories?
Philippe Scheimann

Pourquoi je n'utiliserai plus Facebook - 8 views

  • Pourquoi je n’utiliserai plus Facebook
  • Facebook devient la pieuvre hyper-tentaculaire du Web : avec son nouveau système d’authentification et sa nouvelle fonction de recommandation, vous serez connectés à facebook à chaque fois que vous allez sur un site lié.
    en Francais..., why stopping to use FB - nicely written
Philippe Scheimann

Intimacy 2.0: Privacy Rights and Privacy Responsibilities on the World Wide Web - Web S... - 19 views

  • Intimacy 2.0: Privacy Rights and Privacy Responsibilities on the World Wide Web
  • This paper examines the idea of privacy in the world of ‘intimacy 2.0’, the use of Web 2.0 social networking technologies and multimedia for the routine posting of intimate details of users’ lives. It will argue that, although privacy is often conceived as a right with benefits that accrue to the individual, it is better seen as a public good, whose benefits accrue to the community in general. In that case, the costs of allowing invasions of one’s privacy do not solely fall on the individual who is unwise enough to do so, but also on wider society.
    started to read it - interesting stuff, worth reading much more
Philippe Scheimann

what does facebook publish about you and your friends - 46 views

  • What does Facebook publish about you and your friends?
    what every student should see...
Ruth Howard

Identity Woman » Demand for Web 2.0 suicides increasing - 18 views

  • Demand for Web 2.0 suicides increasing Posted on Friday 18 December 2009 I went to the suidicemachine and got this message
  • Tired of your Social Network? Liberate your newbie friends with a Web2.0 suicide! This machine lets you delete all your energy sucking social-networking profiles, kill your fake virtual friends, and completely do away with your Web2.0 alterego. The machine is just a metaphor for the website which moddr_ is hosting; the belly of the beast where the web2.0 suicide scripts are maintained. Our services currently runs with, and! Commit NOW!
  • ok the FAQ’s get eve better…..
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • I always get the message “Sorry, Machine is currently busy with killing someone else?”. What does this mean? Our server can only handle a certain amount of suicide scripts running at the same time. Please consider your suicide attempt at a later moment! We are very sorry for the inconvenience and working on expanding our resources. If I kill my online friends, does it mean they’re also dead in real life? No!    What do I need to commit suicide with the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine? A standard webbrowser with Adobe flashplugin and javascript enabled. So, it runs on Windows, Linux and Mac with most of browsers available.    I can’t see my friends being killed, what happened? Probably your flash-plugin is older than version 10? But yikes – you cannot stop the process anymore! Once you entered the login details, the machine is running the suicide script.   
    Hilarious! tired of your socoal networks? Commit web 2.0 suicide!

Finally! An online quiz worth taking | - 29 views

    This free online quiz measures the likelihood of running into a life-altering problem, due to irresponsible online behavior.
Philippe Scheimann

interview of Michael Wesch + clip - - 19 views

    Worth reading/learning more : The digital ethnographer Michael Wesch on the dark side of social media, what we learned from Iran, and why the future of the web depends on human interests-not market interests.
Steve Ransom

ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plan: Naming in a Digital World: Creating a Safe Persona on the ... - 22 views

    In this lesson, students explore naming conventions in digital and non-digital settings then choose and explain specific names and profiles to represent themselves online.
Samantha Morra

Digital Dossier - 0 views

    Our student's real permanent record.
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