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bethany rebecca

Is Your Cell Phone Spying on You? - 0 views

    1) Phone is unusually warm even though you haven't been using it-- could indicate unauthorized transmissions. 2) Battery life drops dramatically, for no reason-- could indicate surreptitious communication. 3) Screen flashes on and off, without cause-- could indicate an incoming spy call. 4) Monthly bill shows an unwarranted spike in SMS or data transmission activity-- could indicate your phone is being accessed without your knowledge.
Phil Taylor

From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning: Cell Phone Conferencing A Free Tool for Teac... - 0 views

  • Cell phones can be a handy conferencing tool for teaching and learning. Part of teaching is being able to conference with students, parents, experts, and members of the community. Often conferences and meetings are conducted face-to-face. Recently with the rise of web conferencing tools some schools are starting to take advantage of
    • Phil Taylor
      This looks interesting
william roper

Organic and Biochemistry: Rapid Learning in 24 Hours - 0 views

    Are you taking organic and biochemistry combo course?Instead of reading your organic and biochemistry textbooks, here is the basic three steps in learning organic and biochemistry the rich-media way.
william roper

How to Master General Chemistry in 24 Hours - 0 views

    There is a better and easier way! Your chemistry help is on its way. Learn your general chemistry visually in 24 hours!entire general chemistry course into 24 chapter...

Council Votes Against T-Mobile Tower - 0 views

    Meeting last Thursday evening, the Pacific Palisades Community Council voted to oppose T-Mobile's plan to install a 45-ft.-high cell tower in the form of a 'mono-palm' on Charmel Place's cul-de-sac in Marquez Knolls.

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