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Buy Verified Revolut Account - 100% USA UK CA Revolut - 0 views

    What is Revolut Revolut is a digital banking platform that allows you to manage your money in one place. It's designed to help you use your cash in the places where it's most useful, including at ATM machines and online merchants. Buy Verified Revolut Account Revolut works by letting you transfer money between different currencies and convert them into any other currency instantly. For example, if you have a balance in USD on your Revolut account and want to withdraw some euros from an ATM machine somewhere abroad (where they cost more), all you need do is swipe your card at the machine; it'll automatically detect what type of card was used-like Visa or MasterCard-and deduct the correct amount from whichever account has that currency linked up with theirs via their integration with VISA/MasterCard Global Payment Solutions (GPS). What is a Revolut account? A Revolut account is a digital money account that you can use to send money, make payments and exchange currencies. The card itself is a prepaid card that allows you to spend in over 130 countries around the world, including the United States and Canada. You can use your Revolut Card as payment for goods at over 25 million places worldwide - including restaurants, grocery stores, shops and drugstores - or withdraw cash from ATM with no fees charged by the banks themselves. Buy Revolut Account Revolut is a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to use their debit cards and other services around the world. It also offers remittance services, so you can make payments without fees or restrictions. The company was founded in 2015 by Russian-born Vital Milkshake and Estonian Merle van den Bosch, who wanted to create an app that would allow people from different countries to access their money easily. Buy Verified Revolut Account What are the benefits of buying a Revolut account? A Revolut account allows you to: Manage all your finances in one place - including savings accounts and loans; Send money
Nik Peachey

AI Revolution 101 - AI Revolution | Learn... - 0 views

    AI Revolution 101 - AI Revolution #ai #elt #edtech #esl

The American Revolution - 0 views

    Essay Causes Consolidation of revolution
Ebey Soman

Vladimir Lenin's Russian Communist Revolution and the Abolition of Serfdom - 4 views

    The scarlet thread woven into the abolition of serfdom, Lenin's vision of the communist revolution and the socialist principles detailed in "The Communist Manifesto" is socialist centralism. The abolition of serfdom gave birth to collective peasant communes. Lenin envisioned an elite party vanguard to centrally control the new government.
latif nuriyawan

Boxcar Bench Design by Revolution Design House - 0 views

    Revolution Design House designing a Boxcar Bench inspired from Boxcar Planter. Portland-based company is designing a bench for indoor or outdoor use. With a base made of wood arranged horizontally with a combination of bright colors. The design ...
Ebey Soman

Causes of the Early Industrial Revolution - 0 views

    The Early Industrial revolution began primarily in the Great Britain during the 1760s until 1851 and was marked by drastic major changes in agricultural, manufacturing, and transportation sectors, which had a profound effect on the social, economic and cultural conditions in Britain (initially) and the rest of Continental Europe and eventually the US and the world.
Steve Ransom

Khan Academy does not constitute an education revolution, but I'll tell you w... - 40 views

  • The curriculum in these classes is typically irrelevant to their lives, except for the need to earn grades good enough to placate their parents and impress college admissions officers. When the academic content assigned has no meaning to them, and their engagement with it is solely to attain extrinsic rewards, of course they’re not going to retain it.
Stephanie Sandifer

Esther Wojcicki: Revolution Needed for Teaching Literacy in a Digital Age - 28 views

  • But one area of American life that is consistently resistant to innovation is our education system.
  • children who are below grade level by age ten tend to stagnate and eventually give up and drop out in high school. Harvard educational psychologist Jeanne Chall famously called this phenomenon the "fourth grade reading slump,
  • In the classroom, digital media also have other major advantages. These media teach students to master the production of knowledge, not just the consumption of knowledge. Kids learn to create videos, write blogs, collaborate online; the also learn to play video games, do digital storytelling, fan fiction, music, graphic art, anime and even more. Their informal process of learning, collaboration, and transforming passion into knowledge is desperately needed in schools today.
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  • to train teachers to help students learn to read by transforming information for discovery and problem-solving.
  • all beginning teachers learn how to use online collaborative tools, video production tools, blogging tools, mobile tools and a variety of commercial and non-profit programs targeting the classrooms. Frequently young teachers know how to use these tools on a personal level but not in the classroom.
  • Let's building on national models like Communities in Schools, First, Computer Clubhouse, Club Tech of the Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Quest to Learn, Digital Youth Network and School of One models in Chicago and New York City.It is time to extend the learning day and create a place in every community where young children can gain confidence in their literacy and interactive technology skills.
  • laboratories for testing many different digital approaches to learning and assessment, as well as for testing different ways to break down the barriers between in- and out-of-school learning
  • a hub for the professional development of digitally savvy teachers.
  • embrace the potential revolutionary power of the digital tools that have defined the first decade of the 21st century
    embrace the potential revolutionary power of the digital tools that have defined the first decade of the 21st century

From Knowledgable to Knowledge-able: Learning in New Media Environments | Academic Commons - 0 views

  • ess important for students to know, memorize, or recall information
  • more important
  • to find, sort, analyze, share, discuss, critique, and create information
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  • move from being simply knowledgeable to being knowledge-able
  • “information revolution”
  • new ways of relating
  • discourse,
  • social revolution, not a technological one
  • new forms of
  • Wikis, blogs, tagging, social networking
  • nspired by a spirit of interactivity, participation, and collaboration.
  • important
  • “spirit” of Web 2.0
  • new ways of interacting, new kinds of groups, and new ways of sharing, trading, and collaborating.
  • technology is secondary.
  • empowers us to rethink education and the teacher-student relationship
  • dea of learning as acquiring information is no longer a message we can afford to send to our students, and that we need to start redesigning our learning environments to address, leverage, and harness the new media environment now permeating our classrooms.
  • first address why, facilitate how, and let the what generate naturally from there.
  • mportance of the form of learning over the content of learning
  • teaching subjects but subjectivities: ways of approaching, understanding, and interacting with the world.
  • We can't “teach” them. We can only create environments in which the practices and perspectives are nourished, encouraged, or inspired (and therefore continually practiced).
    • anonymous
      Einstein - I don't each my pupils. I just create the environment in which they can learn
  • love and respect your students and they will love and respect you back. With the underlying feeling of trust and respect this provides, students quickly realize the importance of their role as co-creators of the learning environment and they begin to take responsibility for their own education.
  • The new media environment provides new opportunities for us to create a community of learners with our students seeking important and meaningful questions. Questions of the very best kind abound, and we become students again, pursuing questions we might have never imagined, joyfully learning right along with the others. In the best case scenario the students will leave the course, not with answers, but with more questions, and even more importantly, the capacity to ask still more questions generated from their continual pursuit and practice of the subjectivities we hope to inspire. This is what I have called elsewhere, “anti-teaching,” in which the focus is not on providing answers to be memorized, but on creating a learning environment more conducive to producing the types of questions that ask students to challenge their taken-for-granted assumptions and see their own underlying biases. The beauty of the current moment is that new media has thrown all of us as educators into just this kind of question-asking, bias-busting, assumption-exposing environment. There are no easy answers, but we can at least be thankful for the questions that drive us on.

The 10 Most Innovative Cognitive Solution Providers 2018 June2018 - 0 views

    The world has experienced three great industrial revolutions over the past 100 years, driven by steam, electricity and then transistors.
    The world has experienced three great industrial revolutions over the past 100 years, driven by steam, electricity and then transistors.

The Future of Learning: Thriving with Online Assignment Assistance - 7 views

Thanks for sharing insights on the future of learning! Online assignment assistance is indeed a reliable companion for students seeking academic success.

college university student education takemyclasscourse

DSL Academy

Php Training Ahmadabad Course Of Action And Training Information - 0 views

    With the bean of technology a entire fresh planet of opportunity was Available. Gratitude to this revolution to facilitate the subject of knowledge witnessed the difficult of unemployment, at least in urban, got solved to a terrific coverage.
Muveen Ahmed

Corporate security program crisis management - 0 views

    The world has experienced epochs that radically transformed the global culture in each instance. Examples are the Bronze Age, The Industrial Revolution, the Nuclear Age and now the Cyber Revolution. In each epoch, the technological advances had profound impacts to traditional cultures, with corresponding benefits and drawbacks.
Roland Gesthuizen

Amidst a Mobile Revolution in Schools, Will Old Teaching Tactics Work? | MindShift - 0 views

    "With all these direct applications for learning, it's easy to justify using mobile devices in school. But what real and lasting effect will they have on the "formal" learning equation?" As we introduce mobile learning devices to students, we must avoid a mechanised education horror. It s time to remember the rich and complex nature of learning.
Jonathan Wylie

Mobile Learning Technologies for 21st Century Classrooms - 0 views

    The mobile revolution is here. More and more schools are moving toward mobile learning in the classroom as a way to take advantage of a new wave of electronic devices that offer portability and ease of use on a budget.
Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Teaching Revolution: Why Stutter-Step? by Ron Kotay - 0 views

    Web 2.0 tools
Sharon Stephens

SMART Board Revolution - A Revolution in Education - 1 views

  • One of the benefits of having an Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom (or even just a data projector) is the opportunity to display full colour high quality images instead of grainy acetates or posters. With a powerful image you can really add ...
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