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Ebey Soman

Paradigms of Foreign Policy - 0 views

    There are a few paradigms used in the formation of the foreign policy. You may have heard of liberalism or realism, but do you have any clue as to what those terms mean? These are just a few paradigms and their sub-paradigms that help shape Foreign policy around the world.
ashkif as

Investment in Bangladesh - 0 views

    We assist to process foreign Investment in Bangladesh in any proposed, existing and potential sector. We can guarantee very easy and smooth transition for any foreign investor which includes Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) and Work permit visa for Investor or Family, corporate office setup, company licensing and ready Complexes. We also provide all logistical support at Bangladesh for the foreign investor. For more details click here:
Caroline Roche

Bay Foreign Language Books Ltd. - 0 views

    Great site for foreign language books and dictionaries
Sheri Brown

Translation Services for Surveys in Foreign Languages - 0 views

    To globally extend the reach of your business, it's important to take part in surveys and market research. Conducting a survey is much like a test. Making people take a test in a language that they do not understand is not a great idea, to say the least.

Innovative Student group management software- - 74 views

Dear Steve Hargadon, How are you doing i hope that you are doing fine. First of all i will like to introduce my clear to you. His name is Kene Zolo, He's a Refugee in Nigeria. Himself and his Moth...

GroupTable group projects study groups management

sania malik

Netherlands Fellowship Programmes - 0 views

    The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) are fellowship programmes initiated and fully funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the budget for Development Cooperation and this Fellowship programmes is available every year.
Study From Kyrgyzstan

Study Mbbs and Engineering from Kyrgyzstan on very low fee packages - 0 views

    We offer cheapest Medical Education in the World +M.B.B.S + B.D.S+NURSING & ENGINEERING IN Kyrgyzstan(RUSSIA) Contact: +923410858561(Whatsapp) +996707435599(also available on whatsapp) Website: Features: >PMDC & MCI & WHO Recommended Colleges >Duration: 5 years program >No Donations >No Hidden charges >lowest package costs >No Entrance Exam >Direct Admission >Medium of instruction in English >Affordable fee structure >Flight bookings >Guaranteed Admission >Eligibility:F.SC(Pre-medical)/A-level:minimum 60% marks >Reception from airport >Hosting till Accommodation Requirements for admission 1:invitation by consular department of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic(visa reference)(we will provide.) 2:two visa application forms fully completed by the applicant(we will provide) 3:copy of passport and nic of the applicant valid at least six month 4:two recent photos of applicant(passport size) 5:police character certificate(in English,attested by ministry of foreign affairs.) 6: Medical certificate(hiv-aids,hcv,hbv and tb,attested by ministry of foreign affairs in case of certificate from private hospitals) 7:Diplomas and certificates of education
Aman Khani

Tips for Users: How to Select the Best Web Hosting Company in India - 0 views

    The hosting services help to improve your website virtual presence, and in order to get this sort of service you can contact to Indian web hosts as well as foreign web hosts.
Martin Burrett

Microsoft Language Labs - Translator Bookmarklet - 0 views

    A good, simple browser translation tool from Microsoft. The bookmarklet sits in your bookmark toolbar and translates foreign pages into your language with one click. Choose a language from the drop down menu to translate into other languages.
Jorge Gonçalves

Mobile Assisted Language Learning - 27 views

    Smartphones and tablets give students access to all types of multimedia. Mobile access to Internet services offers a virtually constant, uninterrupted connection to learning resources. Access to sound files, mobile apps, podcasts, and video files from around the globe make mobile technology ideal for any student who would like to learn to speak a foreign language through multimedia.

    Without a course or program, it could be difficult for an independent learner to organize a curriculum; but what if vocabulary lessons were at your fingertips?

What are your students doing? - 26 views

    Recently I read Amanda Ripley's thought provoking book 'The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way' in which through a comparative study of foreign exchange students she reports from the inside on the modern powerhouses of education. Amanda set out to explain why some countries are able to outperform others on PISA scores.
    Recently I read Amanda Ripley's thought provoking book 'The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way' in which through a comparative study of foreign exchange students she reports from the inside on the modern powerhouses of education. Amanda set out to explain why some countries are able to outperform others on PISA scores.
mbarek Akaddar

Resource: Teaching Foreign Languages K-12: A Library of Classroom Practices - 21 views

  • A video library for K–12 foreign language teachers; 28 half-hour and 2 one-hour video programs, library guide, and Web site
Maggie Verster

10 ways to stay out of trouble when you post to social networking sites - 0 views

    The new head of British foreign intelligence recently demonstrated that anyone can suffer potentially embarrassing or damaging revelations through social networking activity - and even the most mundane and seemingly benign tweets and status updates can have far-reaching consequences.
Cassie Banka

Vocabulix - Learn Spanish, German, and English - 0 views

    Vocabulix provides numerous free tools for learning Spanish, German, or English. On Vocabulix can be used to create quizzes or take quizzes online. Vocabulix provides dozens of drills and activities designed to help students learn Spanish, German, or English. The verb conjugation chart can be used on the Vocabulix website. The verb conjugator code is freely available for use in third party blogs, wikis, or websites. As most new language learning websites do, Vocabulix has a social networking option that helps match native speakers with learners. Applications for Education Vocabulix is a great tool for independent study or practice of a foreign language. The activities are short and sweet and give students instant feedback. The pre-made Vocabulix exercises are flexible enough for use with a wide range of students from beginners to advanced language learners. Students can select the type of response, multiple choice or written response, the level of difficulty, and choice of having or not having visual clues. The verb conjugator widget is a nice tool to include on your class blog, wiki, or website to support student learning outside of the classroom.
Martin Burrett

Tonguetide - 0 views

    Tonguetide is a social networking site for people looking to improve their foreign language skills. Find a language partner or use the site's learning tools to help you.,+Culture+&+International+Projects
laguna loire

Mercedes SL Of The German Car | - 0 views

    Mercedes continues to be focusing on the brand new Mercedes SL, which probably won't be uncovered throughout the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, but it will likely be uncovered throughout another from the occasions scheduled prior to the finish of the season, possibly throughout the La Motor Show 2011. With one of these new spy photos which have been released by some foreign sites nowadays, if you notice newer and more effective options that come with this vehicle in comparison towards the previous version, for example sticking out bonnet, the prominent grille and bumper fascia new linear.

Clip Art Collection for FL instruction - 12 views

    This page contains a growing collection of clip art (simple line-drawings) to be used by foreign language instructors. Drawings are designed to be culturally and linguistically neutral as much as possible.

Writing Center Staff | Wilk - 0 views

  • delightful
  • gut-wrenching descent
    • lawagner
      Thesis: understanding the differences and cultural factors will help with some guidelines for communicating with ESL students/tutees, thus leading to more beneficial tutoring sessions.
  • ...56 more annotations...
    • lawagner
  • severe
  • ittle headway
  • communications gap.
  • made in the paper.
  • struggled
  • in my explanations
    • lawagner
      Since the first paragraph identified the problem and stated the solution, the reader needs to understand what is causing the probelm
  • cultural factors plague important aspects of ESL communications in the writing center.
  • ack of a shared linguistic knowledge base,
  • ifferences in the educational, rhetorical, and cultural contexts of their language
  • acquisition
  • learning
  • subconsciously incorporating of linguistic forms through reading and listening.
  • consciously assimilating rules and forms through study and instruction.
    • lawagner
      What causes the communication gap/ differences between what the ESL learner wrote and what the tutor is trying communicate as errors
  • Understanding those differences helps in formulating beneficial principles of communication
  • rhetorical models are quite diverse
  • In some cultures, one would be considered rude or abrupt to announce one's point immediately.
    • lawagner
      Socratic dialogue vs didactic context (lecture and passive learning)
  • Socratic dialogue
    • lawagner
      The tutor takes on the role of collaborator and is an authoritative figure based on didactic tutoring. Tutors don't need to know all the answers, but it seems this paragraph is saying start by using didactic tutoring and move towards Socratic dialogue.
  • didactic context
    • lawagner
      So we have a communications gap, how do we begin to communicate with the ESL learner. What tutoring style should we use? Didactic context and communicate collaboratively, but realize that tutor is more of an authoritative figure, telling/informing the tutee of what he/she must do.
  • shared assumptions and patterns of language
  • apply a principle they have learned to a grammar error.
  • communicate collaboratively
  • ole as cultural/rhetorical informants as well as collaborators.
  • Cultural differences in body language
  • attitudes and preferences
  • The acceptability of degrees of physical proximity and eye contact differ between cultures.
    • lawagner
      Cultural differences in body language (speaking without speaking), attitudes and preferences need to be known so that the tutor and tutee may communicate effectively. Examples of these cultural differences are given: Latin American, Arabic, Asian, and Chinese.
    • lawagner
      When I have gone to a new country, such as Zambia and Mexico, I looked up the ways in which to communicate with folks there, forbidden hand gesture, is shaking hands okay. In some culture they kiss each other on the cheek as a greeting. Ignorance towards body language, attitudes, and preferences may drive an eternal wedge between the tutor and tutee. This is a huge part of understanding cultural differences.
  • it down first and allow the student to establish comfortable body positioning
  • ake body language cues from the writer
  • encouraging the student to speak up or ask questions
    • lawagner
      This paragraph answers a question Writing Centers, directors and tutors may wonder: Do I have to know everything about every culture in order to communicate effectively? When writing essays it's important to keep in mind questions that may arise from the intended audience.
    • lawagner
      The tutor does not need to know everything about every culture, rather keenly observe the tutee, and modify behavior when appropriate.
  • utor can foster discourse through slightly modified behavior.
  • temptation to address too many issues in one session
    • lawagner
      Another issue with tutoring ESL learners: trying to fix everything at once. They are not the same as a native English speaker and cannot be expected to eat, chew and digest everything put in front of them. You need to pick up the steak knife and cut up the steak into manageable pieces. 
    • lawagner
      Native English speaker vs ESL learner; don't tutor them the same Although this paragraph seems slightly out of place and doesn't move the argument forward, it is a reminder that ESL students are tackling the foreign language and cannot be expected to handle the same workload as native speakers.
  • effective communications is best achieved by limiting the topics covered within the session
  • English is not the primary language.
    • lawagner
      Going back to ESL learners, a part of understanding cultural differences is understanding that they are coming to me for help with their writing-writing which is in a foreign language to them. Understanding prioritizing is part of the solution when tutoring ESL learner, and all learners consequently.
  • The driving force behind limiting is prioritizing.
  • the primary cultural barrier to communication
    • lawagner
      Explaining the differences in mechanics seen in varying languages spoken by other cultures. Patience is key nevertheless.
    • lawagner
      So how do tutors not overwhelm the tutees? By prioritizing-what is causing the most issues and go from there.
    • lawagner
      Communication barriers lie in the language itself and its attached conversational dialect, transcending into how the ESL learner communicates in their native tongue. * I think this paragraph could be two.
  • ack of fluency in conversational dialect
  • Close observation is a key to interpreting and dispelling cultural interference.
    • lawagner
      Summarizing the last several paragraphs; close observation is the key as well as other possible modifications.
    • lawagner
      Summarizing the main points is like the Therefore since we know all of this we can understand  the cultural differences between the tutor and ESL tutee and thus eliminate or at least reduce the cultural barriers.
    • lawagner
    • lawagner
      A continuance of the last paragraph. All of this information presented  may help or it may not.
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