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Phil Taylor

How Technology Can Address Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs | TeachThought - 2 views

  • When technology is integrated intentionally with foresight and with intention of addressing specific growth-oriented goals, it increases the potential to help students learn, develop, and grow in unique ways
John Evans

Free Technology for Teachers: How Igloos Can Keep You Warm - And Winter Phys Ed Activities - 0 views

    "How an Igloo Keeps You Warm is a new video from It's Okay To Be Smart. The video does a great job of explaining how an igloo provides insulation and stays relatively warm when people are inside it. The video also explains the engineering concepts used in the creation of a strong and warm igloo."
Sheri Oberman

CATME | Smarter Teamwork - 2 views

    Teachers can use this software to assign students to groups. One free tool, the Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness allows teachers to input the desired criteria on which to base groups. Teachers also have the option of selecting from a bank of questions provided by CATME developers. Tools within a learning management system may also have features that allow instructors to assemble students into groups based on instructor-generated criteria.
Nigel Coutts

Maker-Centred Learning & STEAM - The Learner's Way - 5 views

    Making the most of Maker Spaces and STEAM will require professional development and a new mindset for all learners. 
John Evans

New Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Poster for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Le... - 4 views

    "After posting about Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs we received a number of emails from teachers inquiring about iPad apps aligned with this taxonomy.  The Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Cheat sheet we posted awhile ago does feature a collection of educational apps for both iOS and Android (and the web), however, we went ahead and created this visual incorporating some of what we think are the best apps and tools aligned with each of the thinking levels of Bloom's digital taxonomy. Of course our selection is subjective and based entirely on our previous reviews of these apps and we are very much aware that there are several other great web tools and apps that can fit in this pyramid but due to practical limitations we only featured representative samples in each category."
Keri-Lee Beasley

How Should Reading Be Taught in a Digital Era? - Education Week - 4 views

    "With the many enhancements to mobile devices, multimedia websites, e-books, interactive graphics, and social media, there's no question that the nature of reading has changed during the past decade.
    But has the way reading is taught in elementary schools changed as well? And what should teachers be doing to get students ready for the realities of modern reading?"
David Caleb

Free Math Apps | Math Learning Center - 1 views

    Mind officially blown! I love these maths manipulative apps for iOS and here they are as a web app. This just made my day!
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