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John Evans

News & Media Literacy | Common Sense Education - 1 views

    "In today's 24/7 digital world, we have instant access to all kinds of information online. Educators need strategies to equip students with the core skills they need to think critically about today's media. We teach foundational skills in news and media literacy through our Digital Citizenship program, specifically through our Creative Credit & Copyright and Information Literacy topics. Built on more than 10 years of expertise and classroom testing, these lessons and related teaching materials give students the essential skills to be smart, savvy media consumers and creators. From lesson plans about fact-checking to clickbait headlines and fake news, we've covered everything. To learn more about our approach, read the Topic Backgrounder on news and media literacy."
John Evans

Edutech for Teachers » Blog Archive » Grab a Piece of the Pi Using Cool Class... - 2 views

  • ey, math gurus! It’s that time of year again when teachers, students and mathematicians from all over the world honor the fun-loving irrational Greek figure pi (π). That’s right! March 14—or Pi Day—is just around the corner so be sure you don’t miss this opportunity to make a lasting impression on your math students!
John Evans

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: 3 Untapped Social Media Resources For S... - 2 views

    "Last week I laid out 3 Untapped Social Media Resources for Teachers. This week we take a look at how to leverage social networks for students. 

    My sister is a senior in high school. Whenever we spend time together I ask her about "what the kids are into these days?" She is right in the heart of the age range for kids who use social media the most (13-18 yrs old). Our conversations give me a sense of how kids are using social media and her thoughts on using it for learning, or even if there is a place for it.

    She tells me all the time that she's "addicted" to her phone, just like most adults. Most of her time is spent on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. She and her friends are sending photos, snaps and videos back and forth all day long. That is their world. They are continually capturing what is happening around them and sharing it with each other.

    And we have the data to back her up. "
Phil Taylor

EdTechTeam: PhysEd Goes Google! Webinar and Resources to Make Your Day - 3 views

    "PhysEd Goes Google! Webinar and Resources to Make Your Day"
John Evans

14 Resources on Teaching a Growth Mindset | ASCD Inservice - 2 views

    "Research shows that teachers can greatly influence student mindsets. Learners who believe they can grow their basic abilities are more motivated and successful than students who believe their abilities are fixed. Here is a curated list of resources just released on ASCD myTeachSource that show you effective feedback strategies and how you can create a risk-tolerant, pro-growth learning environment from top education experts. "
John Evans

ISTE | 25 resources for bringing AR and VR to the classroom - 2 views

    "With Pokemon Go, Google Cardboard and Google Expeditions making virtual reality the hottest thing in tech, teachers may be wondering how they can capitalize on the trend in the classroom. Imagine studying underwater ecosystems and taking the whole class scuba diving with just a smartphone and a $6 headset.

    The benefits of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) include increased engagement, appeal to visual learners and shared experience among students. Although the immersive experience is enhanced with a headset, the 360-degree experience is still worth exploring. Teachers can take advantage of many of the VR apps using the individual laptops, iPads or smartboards already in the classroom. While VR is changing quickly, the resources below are a good starting point."
John Evans

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn to Code - Microsoft Citizenship Asia Pacific - 0 views

    "The Computer Science Education Week, Dec. 5-11, is an annual initiative that mobilizes educators, parents, nonprofits and the industry to inspire all young people to learn computer science and open the door to a promising future. With our rising digital economy and the nonstop pace of technological change, we have an imperative to prepare young people to pursue careers that are in demand.

    Computer science refers to the academic discipline of studying what can be done using a computer and how to do so. At the foundation of this is computational thinking, a mental process that allows one to formulate problems so as to design possible solutions that a computer or human can easily understand.

    Coding is one way that computational thinking can be expressed. It is simply writing a list of step-by-step instructions for computers to perform what we want to do. More importantly, it provides everyone a platform to unleash our creativity to create software websites, games, and apps.

    More than half of today's jobs require some technology skills, and this will increase to 77 percent in the next decade, according to IDC. With youth unemployment in Southeast Asia alone almost three times that of total unemployment rate, coding and computer science serve as the gateway for youth to secure a more fulfilling career or even venture into entrepreneurship. In the Philippines for instance, an entry-level tech position pays 38 percent more than the minimum wage.


    I strongly encourage everyone to try coding-and here's why:"
John Evans

Free vectors, photos and PSD Downloads | Freepik - 2 views

    "reepik helps you to find free vector art, illustrations, icons, PSD and photos for using in websites, banners, presentations, magazines...
    We are currently creating hundreds of free vectors daily
    Discover our exclusive content! Find dozens of free vector graphics every day, all designed by Freepik."
David Caleb

Free Math Apps | Math Learning Center - 1 views

    Mind officially blown! I love these maths manipulative apps for iOS and here they are as a web app. This just made my day!
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