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John Evans

The 4 Things Modern Students Must Understand - Edudemic - 5 views

    "Learning technologies change student-resource interactions not only by the amount of resources that are now available to students, but also by the quality of the resources.

    Instead of students being limited to the textbook they receive from their school, that may or may not be outdated, they now have access to resources from literally around the world. Websites like Project Gutenberg and the National Archives give students access to millions of resources, in various forms of media, on just about any topic they could imagine.

    With that being said, quantity does not necessarily mean quality. For every respectable source of information online, there's an endless amount of second rate information. Teaching students how to find valid and reliable sources of information is paramount to education in the digital age. However, I don't believe it stops there."
John Evans

What is 21st Century Education - 8 views

    Written almost 5 years ago and still relevant.
John Evans

36 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Be Able To Do - 10 views

  • What should every teacher in the 21st century know and be able to do?

    That’s an interesting question. After just now seeing this excellent post on, I thought I’d contribute to the conversation.

    I added the twist of ranking them from least complex to most complex, so novices can start at the bottom, and you veterans out there can skip right to 36.

Sheri Oberman

Future proof your Education - 3 views

    Mr. G Online inserts Maria Anderson's Prezi into his blog and provides a summary and highlights. Overview of necessary skills to future-proof your learning in the Prezi touches on the necessary skills divvied up differently than the Conference board of Candan's list.
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