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John Evans

Bots in Your Future - TCEA Blog - 0 views

    "he growth of artificial intelligence the past few years has led to the creation of bots that are growing in use today. A bot is an automated program that runs over the internet. Some bots run automatically while others operate only when given a specific input.

    The largest number of bots currently working are in the social media area. These include bots for Facebook Messenger and chats. Bots have also been created though for devices like Amazon's Alexis and for Slack ad Skype. Even LEGO has a bot running on their Facebook page. Eventually, bots will make their way into education. But until then, here are some that you might want to learn more about."
John Evans

Coding and Bots | User Generated Education - 0 views

    "I have been asked to return to teach summer enrichment classes on maker education for elementary-aged learners at a local school during the summer of 2016. One of the new classes I am designing is called Coding and Bots. The description is:

    Learn how to code first by playing games and then by coding some bots including Sphero, OZOBOT, and Dash and Dot. All ages are welcome but the child should have basic symbol recognition/reading skills.

    Two things to note about this class are, first, I learned last summer not to underestimate the learning potential of very young kids. These classes are mixed ages ranging from 4 to 10 year old kids. For most of the maker education activities, the very young ones could perform them, sometimes better than the older kids. Second, I am a strong proponent of hands on activities. Although I like the use of iPads and computers, I want elementary aged students to have to directly interact with materials. As such, I am designing Coding and Bots to include using their bodies and manipulating objects. This translates into having all activities include the use of objects and materials excluding and in conjunction with the iPad - not just using the iPad and online apps/tools to learn to code. The activities I plan to do follow:"
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