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Gamasutra - Playing Games Is Hard Work: An Excerpt From Reality Is Broken - 0 views

  • Games make us happy because they are hard work that we choose for ourselves, and it turns out that almost nothing makes us happier than good, hard work
    games as hard fun
Gary Bedenharn

Rubrics: Tools for Making Learning Goals and Evaluation Criteria Explicit for Both Teac... - 1 views

    Strategies for assessing projects of performance.
Diane Gusa

leading and learning: Experience and Education -John Dewey 1938 - 3 views

  • The primary responsibility of educators is to assist shaping the experience by providing environing conditions and to utilize the surroundings to build up experiences that interact with the personal desires of he students.
    • Diane Gusa
      Including blogs in the educational experience provides such an environment.
  • Dewey saw the learning process as a continuous spiral linking past experiences with the present. T
  • A worthwhile experience arouses curiosity, strengthens initiative and provides a desire to learn sufficiently intense for students to apply effort and to persevere through difficulties.
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  • Dewey believed there needed to be an intimate relationship between experience and education and that students had to construct their own learning.
    • Diane Gusa
      Inviting a student to talk about what is really important to them (and does not importance arise out of our past experiences?) - telling their truth about themselves to others is the experience that arouses, strengthens, and provides the desire to learn.
  • This is the challenge of creative teaching. I
  • Teachers need to be on the alert to see what attitudes and habits are being developed and this requires that the teacher has some ideas of what is going on in the mind of the learner. The teacher is an important part of any learning experience.
    • Diane Gusa
      Student-centered learning does not mean an absent teacher - which can be a person or embodied in a book.
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