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Heather Kurto

From music making to speaking: Engaging the mirror neuron system in autism - 0 views

  • mirror neuron system (MNS)
  • The involvement of this multisensory and motor system is particularly evident in experts, such as musicians. Neuroimaging studies using voxel-based morphometry found evidence for structural brain changes such as increased gray matter volume in the inferior frontal gyrus in instrumental musicians compared with non-musicians
  • Social and communication impairments represent some of the key diagnostic characteristics of autism
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  • Theory of mind refers to the ability to understand another person’s mental state, including their beliefs, intents and desires, as separate from one’s own thoughts, experiences and behaviors
  • Research has demonstrated a relationship between joint attention and language development in children with autism.
  • Besides poor joint attention, the communication deficits in autism may be related to imitation difficulties. Imitation involves translating another person’s action into one’s own, and is also considered to be a precursor of language developmen
  • We argue that this engagement could be achieved through forms of music making. Music making with others (e.g., playing instruments or singing) is a multi-modal activity that has been shown to engage brain regions that largely overlap with the human MNS. Furthermore, many children with autism thoroughly enjoy participating in musical activities. Such activities may enhance their ability to focus and interact with others, thereby fostering the development of communication and social skills. Thus, interventions incorporating methods of music making may offer a promising approach for facilitating expressive language in otherwise nonverbal children with autism.
  • Given that the mirror neuron system is believed to involve both sensorimotor integration and speech representation, it is likely to underlie some of the communication deficits in individuals with autism spectrum disorder
  • Music is a unique, multi-modal stimulus that involves the processing of simultaneous visual, auditory, somatosensory, and motoric information; in music making, this information is used to execute and control motor actions
  • It has long been noted that children with autism thoroughly enjoy the process of making and learning music
  • 112. Trevarthen C, Aitken K, Paoudi D, Robarts J. Children with Autism. Jessica Kingsley Publishers; London: 1996.
  • 112. Trevarthen C, Aitken K, Paoudi D, Robarts J. Children with Autism. Jessica Kingsley Publishers; London: 1996.
    Wigram T. Indications in music therapy: evidence from assessment that can identify the expectations of music therapy as a treatment for autistic spec trum disorder (ASD): meeting the challenge of evidence based practice. Br J Music Ther. 2002;16:11-28.
Diana Cary

The Confluence Between Arts and Medical Science - Music and movement therapy for childr... - 0 views

  • dical Science — Music and movement therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy
  • The Confluence Between Arts and Me
  • : 5 diplagic, 1 tripelagic, and 3 others with full ambulatory function and both arms functional. The patients were all mobile but not stable. Their age ranged between 7 and 12 years, with a receptive language level of 4.00 to 4.11 years.
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  • Gamelan music was used as part of the intervention. Almost all of the patients had not seen or experienced the hearing or playing of gamelan. This type of musical ensemble consists of large- and medium-sized circular knobbed gongs and bronze plates of varying pitches, all arranged in pentatonic scale sequence and suspended over a trough-like resonator
  • Improvement in Posture
  • Improvement in Attention Span and Concentration
  • Improvements in Gross Motor Function
  • Confidence Level
  • Cognitive Function
  • Gross Motor Function
Mike Fortune

music education advocacy - 0 views

    Worthwhile resource on music education advocacy in the public schools.
Jennifer Boisvert

Music Downloads | Download Music Now Get Unlimited Access to Millions of Songs. 100% Le... - 0 views

    A web site that you visit to download music.
Jennifer Boisvert

Stream Music, Download MP3s, Top Songs, Buy Music - Napster - 0 views

    A web site that you visit to download music and videos for a small fee.
Kristina Lattanzio

Developing Practice using feedback - 0 views

    Discusses various forms of feedback used in evaluation - specifically in music education. The different forms are useful in any discipline though.
    very nice job kristina. nice tags, nice comment. ; ) me
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