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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jamie Martin

Nathan Rein and Ma.gnolia exporting has become erratic - 199 views

bookmarking elsewhere export ma.gnolia Delicious
  • Jamie Martin
    I agree with Nathan, ma.gnolia seems fine, but simpy and delicious are no-gos.

    Nathan Rein wrote:
    > Update: After several successful posts a few days ago, none of my Diigo bookmarks have been saved to delicious. I had an email exchange with Joel from Diigo, who said the problem was on delicious's side. However, I have several other services auto-posting to delicious without trouble, and it seem like other people haven't been having the same problem. So, for the moment, I'm going to hold off on posting anything to Diigo, since it doesn't look like this issue's going to be solved.
    > On the other hand, posting to Ma.gnolia seems to be working fine.
  • Jamie Martin
    Yeah nevermind, it appears as if "Validate account" only validates your username, and not the password. I re-entered my credentials and it was fine.

    Diigo could have probably let me know that it was just a password problem though. :|

    Nathan Rein wrote:
    > Some time after making my original post, the problem seems to have been corrected. Over the past week or two, I have been finding that exports to delicious have been working quickly and reliably. Sorry, I should have posted this update earlier.
Jamie Martin

automatically log in? - 27 views

feature firefox
started by Jamie Martin on 16 Nov 07 no follow-up yet
  • Jamie Martin
    it's really frustrating in firefox when i have a bookmark to save when i click on the diigo button and it takes me to the diigo page and i have to log in every single session.

    i'd like to be able to put in my user name and password into the extension itself and have it log me in automatically, this will save me time and frustration.

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