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Contents contributed and discussions participated by fullness Time

Freddie Krueger

Selecting any tags shows error: "no bookmarks tagged (tag name)" - 347 views

tags-related bug resolved
started by Freddie Krueger on 24 Apr 09 no follow-up yet

Diigolet not working - 278 views

Diigolet bug resolved
started by dmedme on 04 May 09 no follow-up yet
fullness Time

Please add a JSON callback parameter on the API - 72 views

feature api json suggestion application programming interface
started by fullness Time on 29 Apr 09 no follow-up yet
  • fullness Time

    I think many people have the problem of forgetting about having filed away bookmarks on a topic and so searching for the topics afresh on Google, rather than going to Diigo.

    I think a solution to this is to combine existing Diigo bookmarks (just your own, or maybe others too) into the Google search results as can be done for twitter. This GM script does exactly that.

    I would like to write a similar script for Diigo that works in Firefox and Chrome. Unfortunately there is no callback={function name} parameter in the API request to allow this to work in both browsers (Chrome does not support cross site requests any other way).

    Please could you add one? I think it should be a pretty simple addition?

fullness Time

Post date changes when tags altered - 97 views

date tags
started by fullness Time on 24 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
  • fullness Time
    First: As I have said before (I was a v3 beta tester), this is a fantastic service. I probably fall into the power user category, making about 10-20 posts per day (I hope this service is scalable!).

    A niggle: When I change (add/remove) tags to a bookmark, the bookmarked date changes. I understand this may be the behaviour some people expect, but I like the idea of Diigo as a sort mini blog and history of interesting things I was reading. So the loss of dates I first read articles is a problem.

    Is there any chance you could add a 'first bookmarked' date and change the label for the current date behaviour to 'last altered'? Or do you have another work around (I know I could add the date as a tag for any altered bookmarks, but that is a bit clunky).

Noel Reid

Keyboard shortcut for full bookmarking dialog? - 377 views

shortcut help suggestion resolved
started by Noel Reid on 02 Jul 07 no follow-up yet
  • fullness Time
    To all those who are in need of this but can't wait: You should be able to get Firefox to do this using the Keyconfig extension. I've used Keyconfig set up a shortcut to launch the diigolet.

    A similar feature request for those of us using the diigolet: could you make use of firefox's ability to pass arguments to bookmarks (the '%s') so I could set up the keyboard shortcut to not only load thediigolet, but to, say load it and bring up the bookmark window.

    To be clear: The keyboard shortcut is really a separate matter that I can configure with Keyconfig. I would like to be able to set the keyword for the diigolet to 'diigo %s'. This would allow me to call the bookmark (by typing in the location bar) with commands like 'diigo b' which would launch the bookmarking window, or 'diigo c' which would show comments for the page.

Suika Dorobo

Malfunction in caching? - 45 views

cache resolved
  • fullness Time
    This really is a serious problem. I have spent a long time looking at all the social BM'ing options, if everything were working, you have a very strong service.

    But, everything does not work. One of the most important features, caching, has been broken for going on two months, with no indication of when it might be fixed. A full text search for "internet" across all member's bookmarks, unbelievably, returns zero results.

    Why are you developing v3 beta when v2 is still in beta (but given the above it feels more like alpha). You are asking users to make a significant investment of their time by putting all their data on your site, but we as users must feel we can trust you with that data, or we won't bother. Allowing xml exports goes some way (but even this doesn't allow exporting the cached page). How many users are you turning away daily by breaking promises of certain features that they read about when signing up?

    Your relatively low standing according to Alexa (which surprises me considering the features) amongst social BM'ing makes me worried about your future, all the more reason to allow proper export of data, to reduce my risk only to change over costs should you go bust, not data loss.

    Should I continue to use your service? Are you a serious company?


    P.S. I just want to make it clear that I really, really want you to fix these problems. I wouldn't have bothered with such a long post if I didn't think you had a service with excellent potential.

    lucite wrote:
    > maggie_diigo wrote:
    > >Don't worry. all pages will be cached soon.
    > Any update on this - it's been over 1 month and it still doesn't seem like cache is working.
    > Thanks
  • fullness Time
    I would like to try v3 in that case. But before you do it - do I lose any data? Is there an option to change to v3 somewhere, and some more information?


    joel wrote:
    > Hi fullness,
    > I am sorry some features in V2 is not stable enough, that's why we are developing V3 which is much stable than V2.
    > I checked my cache. It works fine on V3, but it doesn't work on V2. Don't worry, your data is safe. We will fix it soon. Please let me know if you want to try out the V3.
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