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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Suika Dorobo


Cache not working? - 46 views

  • Suika Dorobo

    Actually we've been discussing this problem for not a few weeks, as you can see in . As I mentioned there, those pages cached earlier than Nov 17 were all accessible at least a couple of weeks ago, but now they all seem to have been lost. (Some people may say there's nothing to worry about because Diigo will re-cache those pages after a while, but even if he/she is right, where will our highlighted texts and notes go in case the original pages are lost or modified before the caching feature comes back to work?)
  • Suika Dorobo
    valeryan wrote:
    > I'm not alloawed to access this private preview and so to access to the forum:-(

    You mean you weren't allowed to see the topic of the forum I refered to above? Sounds strange (I believe it's just an ordinary, non-confidential topic, having nothing to do with the alpha); anyway I've just bookmarked the topic in problem and saved its conversation in the comment field, so go to my user page and see it if you need.
Suika Dorobo

Malfunction in caching? - 45 views

cache resolved
  • Suika Dorobo
    Diigo's page caching feature apparently hasn't been working at all since Nov 17 (those pages cached earlier than that day are all kept accessible, though). I wonder if this is occuring only to me.
  • Suika Dorobo
    > I checked my cache. It works fine on V3, but it doesn't work on V2. Don't worry, your data is safe. ...

    No, it's NOT always safe. I have checked the cached pages of my own as well, and have found out that many of the pages I bookmarked during the late November through the early December were not cached as expected. Go to my page and try viewing the cache for
    for example. It says "the requested page is no longer available", which clearly shows that THE SOURCE PAGE HAD EXPIRED BEFORE DIIGO RESTARTED CACHING. Sticky notes for such pages have nothing left to "stick" to; likewise, highlighted texts are nothing more than odrinary comments now that they aren't associated to any particular portions of the original document. Things will be nearly the same for those pages which were modified during the downtime.

    I am not asking you to recover such info now, since I know it's too late for anyone to do that. I just want you to make clear when your system's caching feature went down and when it was recovered, and let all the users (including ones who haven't tried V3 yet) know that their bookmarks created within that period may have lost part of their info.
H.C. Chen

How to give some of no_tag bookmarks a proper tag? - 58 views

tagging tags
started by H.C. Chen on 28 Oct 07 no follow-up yet
  • Suika Dorobo
    > How to give some of them a proper tag?

    Why don't you try substituting "no_tag" with "to_be_tagged_later"? :p
Richard Lloyd

My Bookmarks - 42 views

started by Richard Lloyd on 25 Oct 07 no follow-up yet
  • Suika Dorobo
    I have had similar experiences several times, too. As you know, bookmarked pages take a while to be cached by Diigo, and they seem to go private right after they are cached. This seems to occur particularly often in case I bookmark some more new pages before the previous ones are cached...

speed - 73 views

diigo speed performance
started by raymondmk on 22 Oct 07 no follow-up yet
  • Suika Dorobo
    Hi Maggie,

    > What would be helpful is to provide us with more data/ metrics - which areas you found particularly slow.

    One of the typical cases seems to occur while viewing profile pages of those users who use +1000 different tags for their bookmarks. Loading the tag cloud may drive my web browser dumb for a while.

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