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fullness Time

Please add a JSON callback parameter on the API - 72 views

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started by fullness Time on 29 Apr 09
  • fullness Time

    I think many people have the problem of forgetting about having filed away bookmarks on a topic and so searching for the topics afresh on Google, rather than going to Diigo.

    I think a solution to this is to combine existing Diigo bookmarks (just your own, or maybe others too) into the Google search results as can be done for twitter. This GM script does exactly that.

    I would like to write a similar script for Diigo that works in Firefox and Chrome. Unfortunately there is no callback={function name} parameter in the API request to allow this to work in both browsers (Chrome does not support cross site requests any other way).

    Please could you add one? I think it should be a pretty simple addition?

  • Graham Perrin

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