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James Page

How do I hide other users' highlights and sticky notes? - 24 views

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started by James Page on 01 Apr 12
  • James Page
    I've never had this problem before, but I'm now finding pages where I can see the highlights and sticky notes of other Diigo users. As there's no obvious way to turn this 'feature' off, it's diluting my experience of Diigo.

    I'm using Chrome with the Diigo Chrome plugin.

    Does anybody know of a way to hide this 'feature'? I only want to see my own highlights and notes.
  • sandy_diigo
    Can you please advise the URL?
  • Reijo Koskela
  • Reijo Koskela
    This is what I see with Google Chrome at Facebook. I do not want to see ANY Community notes ANYWHERE:

    Add Sticky Note
    Leakon Liu on 2012-09-19
    Diigo Community
  • Reijo Koskela
    My profile:
    Member since Nov 12, 2006, follows 0 people, 1 public groups, 1142 public bookmarks (13786 total).

    Very very often Diigo is not working "could not connect to server". Could this be because so many notes and highlights??

    How can I make all my public bookmarks private immediately?
  • Reijo Koskela
    I am a premium member, but unable to get priority support.

    => "404 Not Found"

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