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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Daniel Eldridge

Todd Suomela

Sort Group Names in Firefox Plugin - 71 views

groups plugin sort
started by Todd Suomela on 09 Jun 08 no follow-up yet
  • Daniel Eldridge
    Hi Todd,

    I too am seeking a way to sort my Groups and my Lists alphabetically.

    Unfortunately, I have not found a way to do this and this GREATLY LIMITS the utility of Groups and Lists...trying to find something in an unordered list is a PITA.

    Todd, you are not alone. If you have found a solution please let me know.


    Todd Suomela wrote:
    > I'm trying to find a way to sort the list of groups to share bookmarks with. As a default it appears to be sorting them by the date I joined the group. But now that I've joined 30+ groups it's hard to find the right one quickly.
    > I'd rather have them sorted alphabetically.
    > Any ideas or suggestions?
Daniel Eldridge

Search, Advanced Search, Date Search?? - 83 views

date help query question search search-feature sort-searching
  • Daniel Eldridge
    I just don't get it; my bookmarks show me the DATE on which they were added, but there's no way to search by date?!@?

    I'd like to be able to see the bookmarks I added, yesterday, last week, last month, etc.

    Sure, I'd like to be able to see bookmarks I added between any two dates;

    Sure I'd love to see a Simile Timeline of my bookmarks;

    Sure I'd love to see a calendar view of my bookmarks, a la my cheapo digital camera;

    Sure I'd love to see graphs and charts of a variety of attributes--over time.

    Am I missing some existing features??? I just found the advanced search today--I don't use the sidebar and I think it's ONLY available in the sidebar.

    Thanks for your help and clarification,
  • Daniel Eldridge
    Hi Joel,

    I agree with you that the "My Bookmarks" page is crowded; but the problem is that the "tabs" are really just searches. I hope you can change the UI so that the tabs do more than just perform canned queries.

    Have you seen the SIMILE projects @ MIT? I've noticed that some of these projects have graduated and are now on

    How about providing an RDF version of Diigo Data and then providing a suite of services around that core...from a semantic media wiki to a simple view like this:

    What do you think?


    Joel Liu wrote:
    > Hi Dan,
    > I am sorry there is no "Search by date" feature. We may add it if more and more people request this feature. However, it is a challenge to add more UI elements in "My boomark" page as there is already too much stuff there. Any good idea?
Daniel Eldridge

Search bookmarks by DATE - 53 views

bookmarks date
started by Daniel Eldridge on 20 May 08 no follow-up yet
  • Daniel Eldridge
    Is it possible to see all of the bookmarks I created on a particular date?

    Is it possible to see all bookmarks modified, or touched, between two dates?

    I think it was possible to do this, but perhaps I am dreaming...I hope I am _not_ dreaming, however.

    --Dan Eldridge
Daniel Eldridge

[Options | Bookmark and Highlight] Share to this group by default only shows 5 groups - 33 views

options share to this group by default
  • Daniel Eldridge
    I have created a new group that DOES NOT appear in this list; is something wrong. do I have to set something?

    I can only see five groups plus the "-----------" entry.

  • ...1 more comments...
  • Daniel Eldridge
    Nope, no change post-restart.

    I have am a member of seven groups...I have created six of these seven groups.

    But I only see FIVE groups in the Share To drop-down.

    Additionally, one of my groups names contains an ampersand--&--and that group appears in the drop-down but only the part of the name that is to the left of the Ampersand.

    Is there any way to RENAME a group? I can't find one.


    joel wrote:
    > You can restart FF and see whether the new group appers in the toolbar drop down list.
  • Daniel Eldridge
    I am running version 1.0.2007101800 of the Toolbar and yes, I am still having problem with Syncing groups...I only see the same five groups in the drop-down.

    and for Group name editing....

    I CANNOT edit the "Group Overview."
    NB: These groups are private groups. I don't have any public groups; so hold on and I'll make one.

    The problems I am having with SYNCING not working is also with PRIVATE groups.


    I can only edit:attributes in GROUP DETAILS:
    Group Details[ Edit ]
    Description: This is a test of PUBLIC group management v. PRIVATE group management.
    Interests: public,testing
    Category: Computers & Internet
    Privacy Mode: Public - all can view
    Join Mode: Open - anyone can just join

    I CANNOT edit any attributes in GROUP OVERVIEW:
    Group Overview
    Creator: dme212
    Group Name: Dan's Public Group
    Create Date: 2008-03-06 08:31:32

    However, I have not invited anyone to this group...does Group Overview become editable when group contains >1 member?


    ps/I noticed HUGE inconsistency when I logged username is Dme212 and dme212 is unrecognized, however, the group creator is: dme212!!!! But you already knew this, right?

    maggie_diigo wrote:
    > > But I only see FIVE groups in the Share To drop-down.
    > Perhaps there is a sync problem between toolbar and servers. Are you still having problem and what is your toolbar version (go to toolbar Diigo > >Help > > About to find out).
    > > Additionally, one of my groups names contains an ampersand--&--and that group appears in the drop-down but only the part of the name that is to the left of the Ampersand.
    > >
    > > Is there any way to RENAME a group? I can't find one.
    > >
    > If you're the group owner, you should be able to edit group display name in "Manage Group"
  • Daniel Eldridge
    Signed out....signed in....noticed that username's are Initial Uppercase...
    Signing out and then signing in has had not impact on sync of names.


    joel wrote:
    > Try to sign out diigo and sign in again. This will sycn the data.

case-sensitive tags - any chance of it happening? - 381 views

discussion tag case CamelCase case-sensitive help suggestion
started by jeffreyjflim on 27 May 07 no follow-up yet
  • Daniel Eldridge
    Has this discussion been moved to a new group?

    If so, what is it?

    In any case (no pun intended) please note my vote IN FAVOR of maintaining the case of the characters entered by the user.

    Isn't there some maxim of User Interface Design that states: Do Not Change What the User has entered--unless, of course, you're the Post Office.

    As for being difficult to maintain the proper case for other bookmarking services...Oh What a PITA--that Pain In The Ass--it is to be a leader. Worst case maintain a field for each foreign service with which you support import/export and keep this field in the appropriate case.

    maggie_diigo wrote:
    > This will be very helpful. Ideas cannot be translated into reality, unless everything is carefully thought out and architected.
    > Also, without sounding disrespectful, some of the messages are extremely cryptic and hard to follow. To facilitate productive discussion, may I suggest as much "plain" language as possible.
    > I suggest we take this new line of discussion to another group
Daniel Eldridge

Favicon missing on Group, Blog, and Forum Page (this page too!) - 26 views

bug noted broken favicon missing blog
  • Daniel Eldridge
    The pretty, and easy to notice, stylized i's are missing from a number of diigo pages:

    - Forum (this page)
    - Groups
    - Diggo Blog
    - Help pages, but this is an instance of the Forum.

    I find the favicons very useful as they help me quickly and easily identify and locate tabs in FF.

  • Daniel Eldridge
    As of now--favicons are present on all pages EXCEPT the Blog.

    Did someone do something?

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